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  2. Grenades

    Not strictly RMB: it's whatever button you use to aim down sights. Players should be able to immediately throw a grenade as hard as they want immediately after they pulled the pin. Likewise they should be able to throw it normally (i.e. not hard) regardless of however long ago they've pulled the pin. Wouldn't you agree? Based on the player's view direction relative to the horizontal plane. Not based on stance, since you can still lob a grenade if you're crouching and roll it if you're standing... Can't you?
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  4. Insurgency Sandstorm

    "BRRT", the realistic version. Now THIS would be a game I'd like to play if there ever was one, Arma 3 doesn't count.
  5. Insurgency Sandstorm

    Yep, in other words, its the Call of Duty everyone wanted. Yeah the formatting is a bit wonky on this website, just gotta work your way around it. To respond to your actual reply, yes, Insurgency looks like good arcade fun at best. It just bothers me that people are calling this a "realistic tactical shooter", trying to pretend like this is something more than what it is. If this is the new standard for "tactical realism", and whatever "realism" mod someone from the noob generation may release, then by golly is the industry truly in a bad state. They wouldn't know what "realism" means if it sucker punched their mother square in the uterus for f#cks sake.
  6. Controls

    Let's say if you've already bind Mousewheel Up/Down and MMB to other, arguably more suitable functions (in my case, Fluid Open/Close and fire selector respectively), then what would be the next most intuitive and/or practical button/key that you personally would use to cycle through the elements of a particular weapon stance? Thanks.
  7. Insurgency Sandstorm

    Ah there's that door kicking action. Yes, the door falls down a bit too neatly, but still pretty cool. And close air support looks nice. Or maybe I should say sounds nice, with that mighty sound of the A-10. Nothing wrong with the player automatically calling out he is reloading. From what I recall from Insurgency it only happens when you are or just were in a firefight with some friendly soldiers around.
  8. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    @dcopymope Well, for Bohemia Interactive it's a bit of a different story. Bohemia isn't a big player on the market and they got to sell lots of copies of Arma 2 just because it was required for DayZ. That gave them more resources to make Arma 3 I assume, and some new players for Arma as well. A company like Ubisoft already has a lot of resources. @Gnalvl Definitely. A tactical shooter doesn't have to be in a realistic setting. It can be fun mowing down dozens of monsters, but for example with more of the weapon handling of a tactical shooter. Using your gun that much in a tactical shooter in a more common setting wouldn't realistically allow that.
  9. Insurgency Sandstorm

    Look at that epic smooth mouse movement!
  10. Insurgency Sandstorm

    God forbid you reload without saying something. What is going on with this formatting? I can't even edit plainly.
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  12. Insurgency Sandstorm

    I'd like to see a NWI dev attempting to tear a door off it's hinges with a rifle butt.
  13. Difficulty Levels

  14. Running, the way it should be

    I have identified some issues with my previous suggestion and would like to propose the following to address some of the issues and hopefully improve on it. Personally I still find using 2 keys to be the best compromise, even though I guess it should be made possible to assign the task of switching between the four different speeds to one single key. Some may prefer a 3-key setup and that is fine too. Anyway, with 2 keys, then, naturally it makes logical sense to allocate one key to the two faster speeds (sprint & run) and the other key to the two slower speeds (walk & sneak). For illustrative purposes, I personally imagine binding these two to the Left Shift and Left Ctrl keys respectively. For the majority of the time, players would either be walking or running, so these two would likely function best as a quick "tap key to toggle to the speed" so that players don't need to hold them down all the time, as well as allow these two speeds to be more accessible and theoretically be the more responsive ones among the four speeds. Therefore I would assign them as follows: tap Left Shift - set Run as the Active Speed (i.e. "toggle to Run") tap Left Ctrl - set Walk as the Active Speed (i.e. "toggle to Walk") This way, no matter how many times a player taps either key, he will always know which speed is currently selected as the Active Speed without referring to the HUD and without relying on any visual feedback (e.g. by starting to move). If the player binds only one key to toggle between walking and running, then before he starts moving, he is unable to determine whether he will walk or run without resorting to enabling the HUD. For the two ends of the speed spectrum, namely Sprint and Sneak, you probably already intuit how I think they should function: hold Left Shift - enable Sprint modifier. Upon release: back to Active Speed hold Left Ctrl - enable Sneak modifier. Upon release: back to Active Speed So what am I suggesting? 1. the ability to bind a key to a dedicated functions of "toggle to Walk" and "toggle to Run", in addition to the current available function of "toggle between Run and Walk" 2. the ability to bind a key to function as a "modifier" to each of the four speeds
  15. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    Yeah, I always thought the AI in Rainbow Six: Vegas would have worked really well for the gun-toting zombies of a modern, tactically-oriented modern Doom game. They'll use cover if it's there, but beyond that, they attack with almost no regard for their own safety - rushing you down with wreckless zeal even if it means climbing a rope into the barrel of your gun. As such, if someone made a game combining the tactical movement and shooting of Infiltration/Ground Branch with Rainbow Six's Terrorist Hunt format, and the beastiary of Doom (a combination of gun-toting enemies, and monsters with various ranged attacks), I'd be totally on board. Maybe the objective wouldn't ALWAYS be to simply kill all the enemies; maybe sometimes you'd have to retrieve an object, protect a VIP, or whatever... but the basic premise of coordinating with teammates to tactically control a CQB map against a numerically-superior, tactically inferior force would remain the same. It's not a realistic scenario, but it is a fun formula which allows different tactical play from typical human vs. human military scenarios. It's not a coincidence that the late Infiltration community spent so much time doing Unreal co-op runs instead of playing the normal part of the game. Of course, as others have said, a game based around such gameplay really shouldn't be part of a franchise like Rainbow Six with realistic branding. It should be presented as a scifi/fantasy/horror game which just happens to include tactical elements (something which existing games like Killing Floor and other generic zombie games haven't done sufficiently well, IMO).
  16. Insurgency Sandstorm

    Every moddable tactical/military shooter had some sort of a realism mod/tweak so far, if not being a realism mod itself (like the PR follow-up Squad). The industry may not produce those, but communities always do and will continue.
  17. Insurgency Sandstorm

    Because a lot of modders (not all by a long shot) are younger kids who have a lot of time on their hands. If you've never grown up playing said games you may have little desire to make one.
  18. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    I don't think any game is safe from this debauchery if even a game like Arma 3 can get zombies, although it was just a mod. Bohemia Interactive started to get a clue of whats popular, seeing they are still apparently working on DayZ.
  19. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    Yeah, I get that people like to play such a game mode, maybe because of specific game mechanics of Siege that they like, but it's just so strange. More a thing that you would expect from a popular mod or something. Can we expect a PUBG-like game mode as well? Or whatever is popular.
  20. Sea of Thieves

  21. Sea of Thieves

    Wow, this game looks like it would be a lot of fun playing with friends. I can see the potential in this game, with the additions to the reported to be in the works, like the Kraken among other monsters, with the ability to raid skeleton forts and such. It actually encourages teamwork, especially when it comes to the navigation and maintenance of the ship. I think Microsoft just struck gold with this game, makes me curious to see what they plan to show at this years E3.
  22. Doors

    I think it would work as well. I have no qualms with rebinding the aiming setup. To make room for Fluid open/close!
  23. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    If this is really what their "market researchers" determined today's gaming generations "longs for", then my contempt for the current generation just increased ten fold, about as much as it is for Ubi Soft, because they are doing it with the name Rainbow Six, the ultimate offense. It explains why we now have that steaming pile of sh#t "Metal Gear Survive". If shooting zombie monsters is all young gamer's want to do these days, then I'm sure Ubi Soft could have at least made another game and just called it 'Outbreak' for f#cks sake and left Rainbow Six out of it.......or is the excuse going to be that it would have "cost too much money" or some hog wash?? The IP's reputation has already been dragged through the dirt as is. I guarantee you that if Halo didn't already have "The Flood", it would have also had a "zombie survival" mode, its f#cking everywhere now.
  24. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    Good lord. I've read the name Outbreak a couple of times, but with no real interest in Siege I never paid attention to it and didn't knew they were planning something like this. I think I would rather just play Killing Floor or something.
  25. Insurgency Sandstorm

    Yeah I don't know if I'd go that pessimistic just yet. There were definitely fewer mods than expected for the previous Insurgency simply because of the game's very small community, limitations of Source engine and what the devs would allow you to change with Theater files. Even still; if there were people like Psychomorph and I doing mods under those conditions, it's reasonable to expect there will be people modding the next game, if the devs allow it. If anything UE4 should open up the possibilities for mods much further than we got with Source engine.
  26. Elite: Dangerous

    about the game not holding your hand enough: if you start the launcher right next to tutorials it says manual: that sends you to the well organized manual that is regularly updated and where you can read more about every topic you feel is not covered enough in tutorial missions and videos. I have ~100 hours in the game and will return once wing missions are in the main game.
  27. Outerra Titan IM Military Simulator

    Again, and no its not a game.
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