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  2. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    .... Battlefront 2's entire campaign is a real mess:
  3. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    Predator update
  4. Alien: Covenant

    Acquisition talks between Disney and 21st Century Fox have reportedly re-opened after seemingly falling through last month. The entertainment powerhouse is looking to purchase Fox's film studios, among other assets, which would give Disney the rights and the control over future Alien films including Alien: Covenant 2 and Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5 (if it ever gets made).
  5. WiC is free right now

    Been a while, having a blast once again!
  6. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    Meh.... The wonderment and amazement factors ended with the first Jurassic movie. I really don't know what they can add to the context beyond that. At the very least it wasn't as bad as the Force Awakens. That flick was a carbon copy of 1977's A New Hope. Like even the dialogue was par for par. What a joke. Rogue One was excellent though.
  7. Ghost Recon Wildlands Q:

    You can approach missions however you want. Roll in loud or take the stealth approach, its up to you.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Ghost Recon Wildlands Q:

    Do you actually have to be stealthy in the game, or does the game just give you a feeling of having to be stealthy? Like can you actually run up to an enemy AI without them noticing at all without being slow? I have seen vids of people taking put targets from long distances but is this really necessary, or is it just a placebo effect that you have to be stealthy? In GRFS the AI would notice you if you moved too fast.
  10. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    In general I have to agree with 213. I kinda hate superhero movies and most CGI, and don't expect much from the new Jurassic Park movie. The first one was the best by far, and still is a classic. All the others are mediocre at best. I do love Force Awakens though, and, to my suprise, even Rogue One. Not that I want too see Disney make that many Star Wars movies as they are doing now, but at least the last two one were enjoyable, and much better than the second trilogy by Lucas.
  11. Antibes map (WIP)

    Thanks. Sure, I can put something together. Maybe when I've got a whole half of the map finished... typing that makes me depressed... carry on...
  12. Last week
  13. Antibes map (WIP)

    Great work FM! I'm looking forward to exploring your maps! This, Greek, Gatehouse, Nereta Swamp, and Pankisi Gorge will be awesome. Question, will you be creating a demo of Antibes, like how you did with Gatehouse and Pankisi Gorge? I'd be highly interested in just exploring it to get a feel for it.
  14. Call of Duty: WWII

    That is the first thing that hit me, the sound very hushed down, so much so that i restarted my game two or three times. Re casualties taken, those taken at omaha and point-du-hoc were bad indeed but no as bad as were generally expected, and the others went far better than expected. exert : US planners in 1943 were predicting that 13% of US troops on D-Day would be drowned, 25% would become casualties in the initial fighting on the beaches and thereafter 3% of US troops would become casualties in Normandy. The British 12th Army Group predicted 9,250 casualties of the 70,000 British and Canadian troops landed on Sword, Juno and Gold beaches, about 13% casualties. The first wave casualties on Utah, Sword, Gold and Juno beaches were far lower than expected. Omaha Beach was different: about one third of the first wave assault troops became casualties. General Omar Bradley seriously considered diverting the second and third waves for Omaha Beach to Utah Beach but this was not so much due to the heavy casualties as failure to clear obstacles on the beach, wrecked landing craft blocking the landing beaches and the near complete loss of radio contact with the first wave landings on the beach.
  15. Antibes map (WIP)

    I sir will attempt to honor this request. But, you and BFS have raised the bar so high...
  16. Call of Duty: WWII

    Thirty seconds hey? I recall the veterans that lived it saying it felt like was one of the longest days of their life. Call of Duty: WW2's reenactment of the invasion didn't look close to what it was actually like, its comical to say the least. The real event was a million times worse, and an overall disaster considering the casualties. Saving Private Ryan portrayed it more accurately, and even that fell short, which is really saying something. I have yet to see a half decent portrayal in any game really. When I look at Omaha Beach in this game, it doesn't look nearly as horrifying as the real event, and its way too quiet on top of it. Speaking of the real event, it always made me wonder why a smoke screen wasn't deployed by the naval artillery for the infantry hitting the beaches......or did they? I'm not military history buff. If not, then they were just asking for heavy causalities, being that they just dropped them off to be cut into pieces by a bunch of machine guns. According to Gearbox Software, smoke screens were used by artillery.
  17. Call of Duty: WWII

    I'm one of those lunatics who since COD4 onward has only really bought cod for its campaigns. Its okay, so not worth the price of admission, has its moments like battle in the ardennes but did not really expand on it. Omaha beach, you were off the beach in 30 seconds and felt like a opportunity missed. Wait for sale I would say.
  18. Antibes map (WIP)

    Thank you (both). But please put us out of our collective French and Greek misery and help get at least one other map into development
  19. Antibes map (WIP)

    I concur.
  20. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    sure, except the box office performance is petering out, and the forumalic assembly line method of filmmaking can never produce anything of real value . i've seen snippets of the superhero films, and i've seen the most recent jurassic park. cringey, forgettable, and stupid. where's the wonderment and awe of the original film? it's all shiney vaseline glazed cgi monsters, dialog marketed towards teenagers, winks and nods to the superior original films, and really bad casting choices which ruins the mood. same with the new star wars movies, they are rehashes of the original done poorly. even the trailer thumbnail above is very telling. doesn't that look exactly like the scene from the most recent jurassic park movie where the glass pod dropped to the floor? at least jurassic park 2 had another setting, different mood, a continuation of the original story. and what's the story of the most recent jurassic parks? arrogant corporation establishes theme park, something goes wrong, dinos run rampant. WE DID THAT IN THE ORIGINAL ALREADY!
  21. Game Screenshot Thread

    Here is their official website.
  22. Game Video Thread

    The new PUBG map is pretty sweet.
  23. Antibes map (WIP)

    Man I cant wait till GB is furhter developed so we can enjoy this map. It looks absolutely stunning ! Good work fatmarrow
  24. Call of Duty: WWII

    So, has anyone played the Campaign yet? if so... it is worth the price of admission.
  25. Antibes map (WIP)

    Cool. Doesn't work so well when you add movement, but it definitely passes the fatmarrow 'is it sorta kinda good enough?' test...
  26. Antibes map (WIP)

    Looks like a satisfactory and possibly totally excellent result to me, fat.
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