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  1. After a bit of digging, I have bad news, I'm afraid. The editor was entirely replaced/recoded, and the selection you are missing was not just removed, it's function was stripped out. I'm keeping an eye out for a replacement, but have had no finds yet. As for the Source button, that seems to be a setting assigned to Admins, which is why you don't have that option.
  2. To clarify, the circled button doesn't appear for you?
  3. The preview option was changed, so it's now the magnifying glass page image on the right end of the menu bar, next to the size button. As for formatting, it was altered to the Source button on the left, which now shows you the source code, not the BB-less version.
  4. My fault. Fixed. A setting in error.
  5. Put my lack of a mobile phone down? Okay!
  6. Tapatalk updated to suit the new build of the forum software.
  7. To disable notifications on Firefox, Google tells me.
  8. I was having troubles with the "unread posts" not accepting my changes to the drop down settings, but I found the solution. I created a new setting, saved it, and made it the default. Problem solved.
  9. Signature images turned back on. Also, Gravatar support is now active, though I have yet to find how to set it.
  10. As far as I recall, with the specs still up in the air officially, there's no formal movement to publish anything until the game is formally "released", though I think (but don't know) that a WIP tech spec was released as a rough figure.
  11. I use an AMD APU, quad core 3.0 ghz, and it runs the game, albeit not exactly quickly. That being said, it's still pre-alpha, and although the tech will go up, so will the optimization, so I'm going to wait and see, or upgrade without regard for GB. Note that BF1 uses a very different engine than GB, so it's apples to oranges right now.
  12. I've got the same category GPU as you. a Radeon 270X, and it will easily run Ground Branch. For your CPU question, I can't directly address, but I use an old AMD FM1 (yeah, I know) APU and it runs the game fine. High settings too.
  13. I'm glad that the fundraising effort is going as well as it is. Those kids will never get beyond this, but they might find the world is not a horrible place. Best of luck, Kris. You have a little help, here.
  14. Small change to Tapatalk made, adding support for "secure" push notification.
  15. WK, I can unfortunately get that. I'm 42, but have a touch of arthritis and a solid dose of osteoporosis, not to mention my type II diabetes (don't let anyone tell you that's limited to sugar or the overweight, neither are true) and enough nerve damage to shake a me at. Fun times had by none, but we're still here, right?