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  1. Show a picture of yourself!

    It's a place called D Street in Encinitas. It's in San Diego.
  2. Show a picture of yourself!

    Me doing what I do best
  3. Pineapple Express

  4. Pineapple Express

    Surprising that nobody has seen this yet..
  5. Pineapple Express

    This is one of the most funny movies I have ever seen. I went to watch it tonight and was laughing the whole time. If you haven't seen this movie by now, I highly recommend it. If you liked Knocked Up, Super Bad, or 40-Year Old Virgin, you gotta watch Pineapple Express.
  6. Gas masks

    I gotta agree with Rouge and Rasa; it would be great to have gas for the reasons they mentioned above. Also, I'm guessing this has been discussed yet, but since GB will be more geared towards outdoor maps, we will be having binoculars correct?
  7. Combat Sport / Martial Art

    No, but I love watching UFC
  8. Shipping a Multiplayer (PvP Game)

    Now that you explain what you're saying more clearly, it does seem like a good idea. Thank you
  9. Yeah that Bank Map was ridiculous for the few times I played it. I was actually editing maps when I was SAS, but the only feedback I got was: "Make it more realistic," which is pretty general to me. A couple months ago, I made a room-clearing map with a ton of rooms and tango's/targets scattered throughout the map. It turned out very nice, and is a great training map. Now that I think about it, I wouldn't mind getting back into using UnrealED Here's a screenshot of it: (3 floors)
  10. Shipping a Multiplayer (PvP Game)

    You're right Grendel, you should have named this thread 'Can we get an PvP game where everyone is at the same skill level?' Honestly, if you don't want to play Team vs. Team games like BF2, don't, but don't whine about how 'unrealistic' it's a video game. Also, if you don't like the wait for GB to come out, what makes you think BFS making a PvP game will speed that time up? Maybe it's just me, but I don't see the logic.. In my opinion, I would rather have BFS putting 100% of their resources into making GB.
  11. Shipping a Multiplayer (PvP Game)

    Well, there you go, if you don't want to play games like BF2 and COD4, go ahead and play the games/mods you listed. I myself just enjoy the competitive atmosphere of BF2 and similar MP games. Getting top scores in games like BF2 requires you to not only be good at the game, but to be able to communicate with your squad/commander to know what's going on.
  12. Shipping a Multiplayer (PvP Game)

    You gotta learn the tricks of every MP game. If you're going Team vs. Team, there's always someone who's going to be better than you. I don't see how a Team vs. Team could ever be won by one team using tactics, since there's always those couple players that dominate in every server. Getting good at a MP game requires you to master all the tricks of the game, whether it's bunny-hopping, dolphin-diving, and knowing how to to everything else basically. The MP game I'm playing mostly right now is BF2. Now you might say that the 3rd level unlocks are the best weapons, which you can only get if you buy one of the expansions, but in reality, most of the better weapons in BF2 are the stock ones. It just depends on what you can do with what you got. I played COD4 for the first time with an MP5, and was getting top 5 against 5-stars almost the whole time I played. Not sure how to quote, but you (Grendel) said: "You know, how many of us play 'CoD4' or other multiplayer shooters like that to pass the time; wishing that the game would be a 'little bit different' here and there?" I don't know how many people here play BF2, but here's an example. Of course everyone wishes the J10 was a little more easier to shoot down, since almost no missiles track it. (the hitbox is tiny). I know I would get so frustrated when my missiles would just fly off in different directions after locking on, so I saw how some of the best pilots took them out over and over again and learned. After trying over and over again, it's easy for me to take down any J10. All it takes is time. ----------- Now, for making this game, it would be great to have what you said above. However, I'm not sure what the current deal is with resources, and I would rather have most of them, if not all on the full Ground Branch project. Like Ermac said, I would be happy with a demo coming out a couple months before release to see if I want to make the trip to the Fry's the day of release or not.
  13. Fast paced or slow paced?

    Also, for running, don't make it like RVS where you can run and shoot. I like how BF2 has it where your gun is pointed down while you are running/sprinting.
  14. Tactial Gameplay - What is it?

    Honestly, I'm fine with TDM with the features that you said in your last paragraph, but with the option to turn these features on and off. Frankly, I'm happy with TDM and Co-Op, but if there's any other gametypes anyone had in mind, I wouldn't mind playing them.
  15. Tactial Gameplay - What is it?

    I played COD4 for the first time, and I have to say it is an easy game to get used to. I was killing 5-Star generals left and right, and only had to put 4-5 rounds into a guy to kill him. As for TDM, I think if people wanted to play it tactically, they would. If you get frustrated easily by getting dominated in TDM, well, there's Co-Op as well. You don't have to play TDM, but for a Team vs. Team game, I would suggest something like one team has 2-3 objectives, and another team has to defend the objectives. That way, the defending team HAS to work together to defend all of the objectives. The team trying to complete all the objectives has to work together also. Scores could be determined by how many objectives were completed, how many players are still alive, how fast they were completed, etc.. Some objectives that would be nice would be things like: Gathering intel (documents, disks, etc..) Hostage Resuce (This wouldn't be the typical one, but it's an idea): ---Say you and your team were captured by the enemy, but broke out of where you were being held. You are trying to get out, but the other team is trying to keep you in. You have to devise a plan along the way to get out, whether it be silently, or just killing all the enemy. A time limit to this would be needed to keep the escaping team from camping inside waiting for the enemy to come inside. Planting a Bug Planting a Bomb Taking out a specified member of the opposite team ---One team is defending one guy, another is trying to take him out. The defending team sets themselves up to prepare for an attack at any second, while the offensive team prepares for entry, whether it be dynamic, or stealth. Pilot _________________ Those are my ideas for Team vs. Team that would promote teamwork. If you have any others, feel free to add them.