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  1. Squad tactics in mp

    The easiest way to turn TDM into a team based game is to induce and injury model like GR1. If you could be injured, you will slow down. If you slow down you will become more aware of your team. Along with this you need some way to show which part of your body is injured. GR1 was spot on with injuries effecting the ret and heavy breathing sounds plus the limp. Add that and a MOTD on the loadout where you can post your voice comms. Add gridded maps with mini and full view. (possibly allow drawing on the map) Add quick chat so you can tell people that aren't on your comms directions... such as MAP! You need at least 10 of these that are bindable No names please. If anything reticule (point and the name comes up) For the not so hardcore players have an arcade mode that takes more hits and less damage and such but also make sure there is a hardcore mode for peeps like me. Add the option to hit someone with your gun or fist / knife. Make sure there is sound in all movements although less with using a stealth key or movement of some sort like a low crawl. Possibly make the peep unshoulder the weapon for this or whatever looks real. Stats that a game server can host. I don't like global ranks but individual server ranks are nice. We all like to know how we did.

    Monolith... check the site... it has a nice "SPA" LOL
  3. Game spec nightmares come true.

    I was in the same prediciment, and had to slap down 1300 for a new rig (well for the guts) My old board was AGP, with a 3.0 prescott which ment i needed a new Main Board, Video card, Processor and Ram. I picked up a Nforce 680I Asus (P5N32E-SLI), a 6600 Quad core, 2GB kingston ram, and a EVGA 8800GTX. I couldn't be more happier. In Graw 2 i now run 90 Fps, everything maxed on a full server. Can't wait to see it on crysis... if i ever stop being lazy and finish downloading the beta. I'm also on Vista 32bit, although i have 64bit, i didn't feel like reloading it yet. On my old rig with a 6800 Superclocked, Graw and GRAW2 performed horribly in vista. On my new rig, it's a smooth as butter.
  4. Game spec nightmares come true.

    note though on my vista comment. I however do not suggest Vista unless buying or building a new pc to guaratee compatibility. Hey Monolith..what for hardware are you currently running? Long time no see btw.
  5. Game spec nightmares come true.

    That is almost what i have except not a 3.0 quad core but the 6600 quad. In the current games the GTX rocks and Vista has no issues with it. I always by big, do small upgades when needed and then by big again when my pc becomes mid to mid low. Just as a side note. 32bit applications can only really address 2gb of ram as that is all 32bit applications can take advantage of. To push the limit you can use the /3g switch in your boot.ini . Vista and XP can take some advantage of the 3rd gb. the 4th becomes one big page file and is not diplayed in the o/s and only seen in the bios so 4gb of ram in a 32bit o/s is As for 32bit server, it uses a different technology called PAE. ( Here is some info on it. For gaming, if you want to use more ram, i suggest 64bit vista as it has supported drivers. XP 64 bit has a very limited drivers base. As for linux.. it has nothing to do with gaming. Although stable if you don't have a maxtor crash on you there is VERY few games for it.
  6. Release thoughts?

    Cool, thanks. Have some catching up to do here.
  7. Microsoft being even more touchy.....

    1st papa, this was not a personal attack against you. Note i did not say your name once in my post. Take a breath and calm down. 2nd Link your article. I have yet to see it the way you decribed it. I linked what was actually said. From there people can draw what conclusion they would like. Link what you thought you read so people can actually see it's not just you saying this. Show people what you have found and maybe they will believe you. 3rd I wish more people would go to linux as most users don't understand it. My 65k salary would be WAY higher if more adopted it. But hey, I'll take the hand i was dealt. Now i suggest you get this back on topic
  8. Digital Distribution

    truthfully i like all 3. I got GRAW2 via direct2drive and it works great. Haven't ever got any off steam and of course media always works.
  9. Release thoughts?

    Haven't stopped by here in a while so i figured i would ask... (link me if it's been asked already) What is your timeframe (I know there is no exact)... thinking beta or RC in 6 months? year? 2? Just curious (also it hints about how far along the production is)
  10. Microsoft being even more touchy.....

    Aight... Lets start this with on topic. }SkOrPn--7 What else have you changed in your pc besides your dvd firmware. Just one device doesn't = re-activation. Too many though within 120 days does. So if you replaced a mainboard a week, or a month before then the dvd serial # got changed later, that could set it off. Apparently the firmware must have changed the serial # on the dvd that is reported to the O/S. That is not MS's fault. That is the firmware creators. Yes it's a pain, but these hardware manufacturers have direct access to MS for support on these issues so it doesn't happen to the consumer. (our company for example is part of the system builders since we are an OEM, and we have direct contact with american tech support that is way above anything the normal user can get to) Next If you guys are gonna quote e-week, please get it right instead of ad-libing. here is what Ballmer said,1895,2193555,00.asp It also is related to this Basically it looks like he's saying (lol this is my summarizing) that Open source, and MS shoud both be responsible in paying patent infringment, but MS is the one being attacked even though open source has stepped on toes also. (note that is what i get out of it) And as for comparisons of operating systems Apples intel is the BEST thing that has happened to them. Every single mac user that has one that i have spoken to, loves them and praises them for being so much faster then the power pc versions. And with bootcamp and a valid XP license... they can even Run XP! NT 4.0 workstation was Very stable, although as stated not always compatible with all programs. NT 4.0 Server is still around. It was a workhorse. Both though benifited with SP4. Partitioned drives though were it's downfall... all the way until SP4... oh... that and lazy people wanted plug and play like windows 98 lol. 2000 Pro. Also VERY stable and only required 128mb of ram to be decent. Still some incompatiblity issues from the start that limited it taking off and peeps didn't want to pay the price over 98. During this time also windows 2000 server came out. Active directory confused many and there were a few issues such as code red from infected linux/ unix pc's attacking the ms servers. It was however stable and by SP3 everyone was up on active directory and enjoying it. Then XP came out... (this sounds familiar just as with Vista) Before sp1, people complained. Activation Grr, Now we actually have to pay for it. Many stuck with 98 or 2k pro during this time since they could copy it. Then MS made SP1 for XP... By this time drivers had matured, Manufacturers realized 128mb of ram was not good in xp, and Peeps had accepted activation and realized it did not violate there privacy. Then SP2 came out. Only bonuses there, and more patches and such. Windows 2003 server was also released. Very good, Very stable, and very secure unless you punch holes in it with crappy 3rd party software. Only needs rebooted if you install an update. Shadow copying is a godsend. Now we have Vista. Think of it as a Winxp befire the service pack. Works GREAT on new pc's but forget about the old as manufacturers of old hardware are not making vista drivers for them. Vista's drivers are finally maturing and there are very many extras that eventually peeps will want such as Full PC backup to a ms virtual pc file via shadow copying. And now for linux. Anyone remember how crappy the early mandrakes were? think of that as windows millineum. LOL. Compile drivers and sometimes only 256bit color. Very little documentation. Early Red hat wasn't much better. And remember when walmart sold those cheap linux pc's for all about a month with lindows? and then Novel bough Suse... who is now is cohootz with MS. then there is ubuntu which last time i knew.. you still had to use command lines for setting up users as there Gui still didn't work right. and what is with the name... feisty fawn? it sounds like some porno... no wonder kids don't try it. All right... now you ask... what is my point? All O/S, have had issues, especially when newly released. Eventually the problems will be resolved or the o/s will be improved with each. Why compain about it? If you don't like it, don't buy it. for example with vista... miss out on the DX10 in crysis and use xp with dx9. it's your choice to stay current. Heck, if you liked windows 95, and thought it was the most stable, you wouldn't have to have support for it, so why even go to xp? These arguments crack me up.... and really are a waste of space unless you provide users with valid links showing it's more then just your opinion and actually a fact.