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  1. Flashpoint

    The actress who plays Jules was kinda familiar, but I couldn't place her. . . Turns out, she was the pink ranger from the original power rangers! I used to love that show as a kid, but then they ruined it - and I got older. I live downtown near a lot of this stuff. I can't help thinking that the Toronto Star would be a little more interesting if crazy stuff like this actually happened (although I should be glad it doesn't).
  2. Generation Kill miniseries

    any word on J-Lo ???? A great show. If you disagree, you're wrong. (what? it's the internet)
  3. Flashpoint

    Great show! And it's filmed in Toronto. Even seems like they're meant to be a Canadian unit. Judging solely by the first episode, it seems like a step up from The Unit. Tighter plot, better characters so far, fewer cringe-worthy lines. In other TV news: Mad Men Season 2 and David "I f-ing made The Wire" Simon's new one "Generation Kill" are airing soon!
  4. Raven Shield: Ordnance Project Mod is Back

    awesome! good to hear from you again. Mod is looking good - when I was watching those 2 guys on the roof, one with that SMG secondary, for some reason Rouge Spear instantly flashed across my mind. All the memories came flooding back. NMM's mods and all the rest. keep up the good work.
  5. Raven Shield: Ordnance Project Mod is Back

    thanks Vadmink, one thing at a time eh. It's just good to see some new content in RvS.
  6. Raven Shield: Ordnance Project Mod is Back

    nice! It seems you guys have cracked RvS enough to get some good stuff in there now. Great work. I saw an aimpoint in the last vid. Is it working in-game? The thing I always hated most about RvS was that the only scope was an ACOG or sniper. Totally unsuitable for the environments.
  7. Raven Shield: Ordnance Project Mod is Back

    awesome! looking good. Can't wait to bust some doors with that shotgun.
  8. Raven Shield: Ordnance Project Mod is Back

    Awesome news. Gonna try it out now, but I've got to reinstall RvS with 1.56 patch. I've been using patch 1.6 so I can use the Impreal addon.
  9. MUST have mods for OGR?

    DTD's No Easy Day (NED). NMM (can't remember the name of his mod, but anything by Nishi - his .chr's are awesome.) BajaBravo (get all of his mods) Swartz's weapon mods were good. so were SnowFella's. eSKwaad's character mod (Delta Force 1990, i think it was called - best .chr's for OGR) and CENTCOM, how could I forget that one! - There are others, but those are off the top of my head. Man, there was some great stuff... I feel like making some mods again. Making a weapon mod for GR1 would be fun, compared to the normals and stuff you need today. It's just model + texture.
  10. What are your favorite PC games?

    Thanks guys. I'll look for the demo's and try 'em out. Seems there's a bit of a hole in the market here. There's just nothing with 2007/8 graphics and scalable difficulty! crazy. Thanks though,
  11. What are your favorite PC games?

    GTR2/RACE07 - driving sim Do you guys have suggestions for combat flight sims with an easy learning curve? been looking for a good one.
  12. Foreign Languages

    ha, me too. I've got a bit of french (terrible) and italian (even worse) too, but mostly just the three Aldous mentioned.
  13. ArmA stuff

    This is a really interesting topic, and probably an important one. I've released two mods for ArmA, and I've spent far more time making mod's/fixing stuff/getting it to run well, etc. . . than I have playing it. I haven't ever actually had many enjoyable experiences playing it. It's always an exercise in frustration. I sympathize with the hardships of the devs, but this isn't personal, it's about the product. I heard a pretty revelatory interview with the "father"/lead dev of ArmA. He explains that the sounds, for him, are there as placeholders. That they serve their purpose, for his goals. His goal was to create a great sandbox, so it seems most of the details like accuracy were overlooked in favour of just getting the basic sandbox working -- and with such a large scope and such a small team who can blame him. I could go on, but... Great things: -"open" files (mostly) & relatively extensive modability - in-game mission editor/creator It's so hard to put you're finger on exactly what it is that's "off" about ArmA. What do you guys think? I'm interested to see what Codemasters can do with the OFP license and a team of 100s...
  14. Green Berets

    Thanks! gonna watch it now.
  15. Green Berets

    Let's hope so... BT doesn't have it yet either. ...and who knew HF was such a celebrity!?