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  1. You want a cool idea for the game? How about support for the upcoming Oculus Rift?! Now THAT would be something!
  2. Hey all! It's been a long time. It's a shame about the Kickstarter. I say you should try again but this time lower the goal. Is it possible to fund this project in phases? Raise $100,000, work on part of the project, then raise more money later?
  3. Sup all. Just thought I'd check in and say hi. Hey John.
  4. ArmA3 announced...

    I'm not a fan of ARMA 2's stick figures and clumsy, clunky animations. But I think I want to check this new game out for sure. And I will build a heavy duty system late this year in preparation for it. Yo Grand Poobah, how's it going man?
  5. Object Modeling Contest

    I like it. Although the model seems to be a bit narrow. Did you copy the dimensions of a real vehicle of it's type?
  6. Skip DirectX10 support , goto DX11 & PS5 instead

    I would rethink that John. At the rate production is going I think it would be a shrewder move to plan to support DX11 for ground branch. By the time your ready with the game I won't be surprised if your looking at 2012 or even beyond. You don't want the squad based first person shooter of all squad based first person shooters showing up at last looking like yesterday's news now do you? That would make for a bad first impression.
  7. News or Updates?

    You (and the couple of others that has helped you up till now) just can't be the only coder on the planet that understands this vision...can you? The priority I think now is to work on assembling a team. Reach out to the real spec op community for possible links to the right coders who would be interested in this project....if you haven't done so already. I do not want this project to end up being another duke nukem forever. Frankly, from what I've been learning of the duke nukem game, I wished DNF had remained an unfinished project. This game, ground branch, is VERY MUCH needed in the fps world. I mean, look at what has become of the fps genre. it's all console shooters now. And I'm sick of it! Oh, and OFP 2 doesn't count. While it is realistic, and quality, it's also crap. I know SOMEBODY out there understands what I'm talking about.
  8. News or Updates?

    I haven't posting much over the last few months but I've been reading posts and watching what's going on. I still believe in the project. Your my last hope to save pc gaming.....console gaming.....gaming in general!
  9. character control sensitivity...

    Hey whisper lets calm down huh? It was just a simple question and a short comment. Why is it when someone on the forum (or almost any forum) asks a real question the admins starts breaking out the riot gear and tear gas? While the access is appreciated its kinda hard to give feedback consistently with just the occassional blog post info to work off of. In fact, if you haven't noticed, lately I've only been posting once or twice then nothing for several months. Having admins break out the batons for every little perceived "tone" in a forum member's post is in my opinion "over doing it". I haven't taken anything for granted nor do I feel I've been "over doing it". How am I supposed to be encouraged to give any feedback now? I'll read your response sometime early next year.
  10. character control sensitivity...

    Any idea when we will be able to look at even an early alpha of........anything? It is the only way I will be able to give back some constructive feedback. Up till now, everyone has just been giving in ideas to implement without understanding your vision and the product that your working on.
  11. Please don't let Ground Branch or SGs end up like AA3

    Yes. I have high high hopes for Ground Branch and blackfootstudios in general. Please note admins that I don't simply want to talk about another game (AA3). Really instead I want to bring up the topic of any difficulties you guys might be having behind the scenes as you continue to progress to your goal of releasing your games. The politics behind the scenes in a game studio (dealing with publishers, co-workers) seems to be the number one killer of game projects as opposed to the software itself.
  12. About four days ago I heard that America's Army 3 was finally ready for release. It was a total surprise for me because I had given up on the game because the devs were taking so long. Little did I know what was happening behind the scenes. Apparently the original dev team had frequent arguments with the US army about things. I don't know what the arguments were about. Perhaps about game content or direction. Perhaps it was other issues. All I know is that AA3's development was not as good as AA2's development. And it shows in the final product. The game is buggy. Very very buggy. Plus, because of the high volume of players wanting to play at launch the authentification servers were down......frequently. Also, for some ridiculous reason it was decided that all monitors would have to be letterboxed no matter the screen ratio so that it would be "fair" for all players. I'm not sure that the devs or the army understand screen ratios very well. In any case, it was a very poor decision. Everybody is up in arms at the moment but its too bad that there will be no patches any time soon.............cause all the devs were fired one day after AA3's launch! I think its the army and not the devs that screwed up here big time. Obviously there a whole lot of things happening behind the scenes that no one knew about. What an utter disappointment. I was so looking forward to this game because the America's Army game has always been a great example of a realistic shooter and an exemplary representation of good values in combat. Please, don't let this happen to either Ground Branch or SGs. I want to see you guys succeed.
  13. Zombie Plan

    What do you mean Australia doesn't have boomsticks? You've got guns all over right? Awww dude.....I guess if there is a zombie outbreak in aussie land you all are seriously screwed!
  14. Has anyone seen THE WATCHMEN yet?

    I haven't been given a reason to drag myself physically to a movie theather in quite a while now. Is this movie any good or is it something that would offend my sensibilities when it comes to the definition of a "hero" or "superhero"? I would like to know before I go through the trouble of going to the movies. Wait for the DVD?
  15. Zombie Plan

    Aw crap I forgot to do it! Ok. I promise to do one myself this weekend.....if I have time this weekend I mean.