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  1. Introducing BlackFoot's first title.........

    Everytime I come onto this site I always get pumped and feel like turning on a agme and going at it. I think you guys are doing a great job so far and I simply hope we don't have to wait for ever to experience the realism involved in Ground Branch. Good Luck
  2. Proof of Life

    I just want to say I wasn't even thinking about that until it has been mentioned. If BFS adds that into the game I mean I will be blown away. You guys seem to be really going all out on this and I think it's great. I really hope it comes through.
  3. BFS crew?

    Im curious BFS. Do you guys work from the same office or is there a loy of people spread out around the country?
  4. this will be the best game ever

    I think the fact that there is a need in the community that has not been met by any gaming company in the last 3-4 years and you guys want to fill that need and take the time to listen to your customers. What you come out with in the end will most likely be what the clientele is looking for and therefore makes you the king within the community, creates a croud that will follow you in your future projects unless of course your mission statement changes. Anyhow that's the reason for my huge interest in this company. You have philosophy I agree with. Keep it up
  5. [Beta] Testing the game

    I think it's a pretty good idea. You know from the feedback your game is going to be a success because the community was involved and it will cut down testing costs. An idea would be to send out beta's to key people in the community. Have them pass it around their "entourage" and come back to BFS with the feedback. That way your not going to get 60 000 requests on what would be nice to fix and you can summarize everything, have it posted on the forum for all to see. Just ideas I'm shooting around.
  6. Welcome to BFS!

    Congratulations BFS. It's nice to see hope in the field of PC gaming. I think the company will do a great job within the PC based FPS gaming. There is definitely a market for it and the company seems to understand what the market is looking for. Excited to see your future developments.