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  1. Who is your favorite author?

    OOPS! Made a mistake. Robert Penn Warren's book about a fictional governor is called "All the King's Men" not "All the President's Men"
  2. Who is your favorite author?

    Great thread! I'm an eclectic reader so any list of favorite books and/or authors would change depending on my mood. Right now, I like the following authors and books (not necessarily in any order): 1. Don De Lilio -- Underworld 2. FX Toole -- Pound for Pound 3. Steven Pressfield -- Gates of Fire 4. Salman Rushdie -- Shalimar the Clown 5. Robert Penn Warren -- All the President's Men 6. Frank Herbert -- Dune 7. JRR Tolkien -- Lord of the Rings Trilogy 8. George RR Martin -- Song of Ice and Fire Series 9. James Clavell -- Noble House 10. Harper Lee -- To Kill a Mockingbird I also like reading non-fiction stuff
  3. Introduce yourself

    Hello, I'm from the Philippines. If any one is curious, the avatar appearing after my name is not an elven symbol (as someone once told me). It's "alibata," which is the present term for an ancient form of Filipino script. It was all but eradicated after the islands were colonized by Spain but there is renewed interest in it, especially from the youth. I was wondering if there are other Filipinos in the community or if anyone here has roots from the Philippines.
  4. Ever heard of "Dog Tag?"

    Thanks for the links! What I thought was cool about it was the gaming possibilities of going against another specially trained force as opposed to a rag tag terrorist battalion. Oh well, just can't wait for GB! ... or maybe Daikatana 2
  5. Ever heard of "Dog Tag?"

    Hi guys, Have you guys ever heard of "Dog Tag"? I'm sure the project is dead now but it promised gritty gameplay and actually had an interesting storyline (an american special ops team is sent on a rescue mission in Africa only to find out that they're being shot at by the very marines that they were tasked to rescue.) Any games you were excited about but which never saw the light of day? I know there's already a thread for BFS' second title but maybe the guys can pick up something from our dead games list, yeah? By the way, I think this a top notch community and there's a lot of great ideas out there. Thanks for having me.
  6. RPG style gameplay

    Hello, I'm new on the forum and this is my first post so please bear with me. I'm very excited about this game. I'm especially intrigued by the whole concept of building a game around a community and I hope I can contribute something. While I don't think that Ground Branch should be anything other than a "tactical shooter," I also see why a tactical shooter would benefit from incorporating some role playing elements into the gameplay. Even the venerable OGR allowed us to assign points earned after successful missions to character attributes. For one, I believe that the time it takes to "invest" in one's game character would necessarily add a layer of immersion to the experience. Furthermore, it would increase the replay value of the SP aspect of the game. I want to emphasize that the fundamental focus should still be squad based military action. However, perhaps it might be worthwhile to consider a system which gives players that spend more time playing the game certain built-in advantages, without departing from the NORG concept. For instance, the game may allow players to develop the certain attributes within prescribed limits, thus: 1. Since the characters are trained operators, it makes sense to give them a minimum base number of points. They could all fire a sniper rifle, if needs be but only sniper classes can develop certain skills (like stealth) beyond a certain level. 2. The classes (i.e, commander, sniper, heavy gunner) don't determine the what attributes one should have. Rather, the attributes that a player chooses to develop would determine what class is more appropriate for the player. And there should be a finite number of points to distribute. One could develop all skills evenly but he'd end up a "non-specialist." 3. There could be different skills that become available only after one becomes a specialist. For instance, commander "classes" bestow limited "attribute or morale bonuses" to their team mates. Or if someone becomes a sniper after the required degree of training, gun sway will be reduced or he will be allowed the ability to hold his breath to keep the rifle steady for a limited period. Of course, not being a programmer, I have no idea how all the skills can be translated in-game. I believe it can be done without it feeling too much like Operation: Neverwinter Nights. For example, I always thought it would be cool to develop rifleman skills in a range or in the field. The rifleman skill will determine how fast the player can acquire his target, PROVIDED the target has been previously tagged. Since the game characters are presumably skilled marksmen, I believe it makes sense to allow some SMALL degree of computer assistance in this regard. One mouse click snaps the player's view from the normal panoramic view to ironsights and the higher level of rifleman skill allows for a quicker snap and perhaps closer proximity to the target, without centering the target too much. The player would still retain control over his cursor and the element of "dice throwing" would hardly be noticeable.