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  1. Paul Newman

  2. Never Forget!

  3. BFS Newsletter: Vol 1, Issue 7

    Congrats guys. This is really exciting!
  4. Office sniper

  5. Dealing with Road Racers

    OMG that was hilarious!
  6. How you can protect yourself from most bears?

    Thanks for the chuckle!
  7. What song are you listening to?

    Andy Mckee - Shanghai Nice! One of my favs.
  8. Treatment for ADD

    They might be on to something there...
  9. Digital Distribution

    Personally, I'm retail box all the way.
  10. New Ubi game - Tom Clancy's Endwar (360 and PS3 (?))

    My guesses: It's a new franchise set in the TC universe, not a sequel. It's set further in the future than the current TC games. The main theme is WW-III/Armageddon. It's not another FPS. I'm thinking RTS game. We'll play the roll of a battalion commander (I'm speculating that's the character flaking out), perhaps with Ghost units to direct. When I see JSF, I think "Joint Strike Fighter", which doesn't seem to fit the hints. This could be a close-air-support flight sim instead of an RTS, but I wouldn't put money on it.
  11. Demographics: Age

    So very true!
  12. Man Down!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your family's tragic loss.
  13. #include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() { char data[] = {118, 105, 115, 105, 116, ' ', 119, 119, 119, 46, 115, 116, 97, 114, 99, 108, 97, 110, 46, 101, 117, '\0'}; cout << data << endl; cin.ignore(); return 0; }
  14. Donation choices

    Although I certainly understand the logic of a straight donation, I'm a sucker for promotional items. I went for the "prize" option. I'm not sure I grasp the subtle distinction between "A donation in exchange for merchandise/consumables" and straight up buying merchandise/consumables, but another option along the same lines might be "A donation in exchange for non-voting share(s)", otherwise known as a straight up investment.
  15. I'm not any kind of spec ops guy either. In fact, I'm barely a soldier. I just wear my standard issue tac-vest pretty much exactly how it's designed. The mag pouches are located at the approximate midpoint between my waist and my shoulders. Linky: Before the tac-vest, I carried my mags on the belt of my webbing (again, the standard way to do it at the time). I do find that the tac-vest mag location much more convenient, especially when prone. To me, the more pronounced advantage of the tac-vest is that it doesn't get in the way nearly as much when you are mounted in a veh or when you are carrying a ruck. Just my $0.02.