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  1. Please tell me a mousepad is in the works.
  2. Been laying low getting myself Ground Branch ready
  3. I would be up for it depending on when. I assume this will be at John's house
  4. Happy Birthday, HF!
  5. I just thought I'd play around with a "high poly" model (compared to RS and GR) but when I hit 5000 polys I gave up
  6. A few more reference pics I came across pic ad interior sedan model
  7. Holy H3ll! It's Chunk!
  8. Got mine today too
  9. I say we give him a wedgie that makes his eyes bulge
  10. I was wondering how BFS, or game developers in general, handle product license and trademark issues? Say you wanted weapon optics - using a Trijicon or Eotech sight would entail licensing the name, right? Would slight changes to the model get around that? What about just weapon/vehicle names, etc?
  11. I didn't start this one. Actually, it's where I first heard about this
  12. I love you
  13. In MP I wonder if the AI could take over if you got a sudden urge and didn't have anyone to bring you a bucket