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  1. Destructable enviroment ...

    Sorry if this has been discussed before .. but just how destructable will everything be in the game enviroment.. Looking forward to the release of the game .........
  2. Please please no NO UNLOCKS OR KILL STREAKS !!
  3. I have been a PC gamer since before the original Ghost Recon came out all those years ago and laddered on FPS GAMES etc etc after reading the features page on http://groundbranch.com/features/ all i can say is that this game seems to me as if it is going to be well worth the wait . The world of PC Multiplayer Gaming has been waiting for a game like this ever since Ghost Recon. The features are exactly what a good PC game needs and have been lacking in other games for years. No run gun spawn shoot die unlock a weapon etc etc that seems to be the usual console rubbish that has found its way into PC games to their detriment !! This game seems to have everything thats needed for a good online multiplayer experience .. But what type of multiplayer will there be ? will there be 1.... Going for smoke or attacking/taking/defending compound etc. 2 .. TDM last man standing amongst others ? Please PLEASE NO capture the flag ...... How far away is the game from release now ? Should i ask Santa to get me a copy for Christmas ?????
  4. Having just been on the Main Website http://groundbranch.com/features/ a TOTAL pure sight for sore eyes Greeted me ! NO UNLOCKS OR KILL STREAKS !! Thats it im buying this game for that reason alone !!! Then the more i read the more i seen that is going to make this game stand above the rest ...
  5. Will the PC version support a game controller?

    Keyboard/Mouse is by far the best .. but you have make every action fully able to be selected with any combination the player preffers, i.e make any action available to be assigned to the mouse if need be, players often set certain things to the mouse .. i myself always set the scope up to the wheel press (clicking the scroll wheel) .. Some players will leave a game alone if these things cant be selected. Too many key selections like in ARMA 2 are pointless as too many to remember and most of em will never be used anyhow !
  6. No games out there :(

    Well .. for now ive hung my hat up, just sitting and waiting for a decent realistic first person shooter to be released that doesnt involve unlocking weapons pfftttttttttt ( what a loada console crap that is eh ) . It seems everything released nowadays has the kiddie consoles in mind first ! Any idea just how far away now Ground Branch will be before actual release or a demo ? For now ive gone back to playing Flashpoint and Red Orchestra ....
  7. Glad to see you here

    Hello again BF any chance of giving us any kind of around about date of when there may be a demo Keep up the good work .. the multiplayer gaming community PC of course need a decent game to play online as there are just toOOOoooOOOOooo many run and gun earn unlocked weapon games out there ! Did i mention about a multiplayer demo date ?
  8. Please, NO RANKINGS!

    Please no no no rankings .. whats the point ,it only encourages children and cheats to try and get to the top in the points score . Its supposed to be a realistic game so lets keep it realistic and not turn into some kids playstation scramble to get points ...