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    Music, politics, people, mountain biking on my hard-tail. And my job.
  1. nice, good choice, but we guessed it a year ago ; )
  2. One shot kills

    Why use this stone-age system? why not innovate? btw, a bullet to the head does not necessary kill you.
  3. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    speedtree is an awesome tool. I think you made a good choice.
  4. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    Oh, ok, thanks- Was is hard to switch engine?
  5. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    I asked John a long time ago if they where using the unreal engine, and he denied it. It was a big "NO". Although I agree with you guys.
  6. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    I had to agree on that one.
  7. Object Modeling Contest

    very nice jordan
  8. Whoa! Psychomorph, BFS should hire you!
  9. Are you the kyle from the OFP forums?
  10. Object Modeling Contest

    Looking forward to what you come up with snowfella. : )
  11. V.P.'s paintings

    thanks for the reply : ) do you have pics of the paintings you sold?
  12. V.P.'s paintings

    @ Nemesis, thanks for the "review". Im not used to that, so its very cool for me to have someone else putting words on it. : ) Have you had some art classes or something like that? you seem very aware of art. @John, I have been asked to paint pictures several times now, but I keep rejecting it. For me its a hobby, something I do with passion for my self, and I somehow loose that when trying to concentrate on making paintings for others. It just feels alot more fabricated , if that makes any sense. anyway, im glad you guys like the pics. Krise should come over for a beer one day and see the rest of my work. : )
  13. V.P.'s paintings

    Hi again, I finished 2 more paintings, so I wanted to share them with you : ) Feedback is always welcome : ) The first one is for my living room, at the dinner table: and the second one is for my hall way:
  14. I'd like to see faster AT and RPG rockets

    I remember OFP had them pretty realistically... some mods even had them affected by wind, oh my that was so sweet.