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  1. Engaged Run

    I know we're supposed to pray to the alter of NORG but honestly, while the GB normal walk speed is probably more "physically" accurate than most games, I still find it disturbingly slow. I hold the RUN key down all the time but then I know that if this were a mission in real GB that speed would be too fast. Any chance we could tweak the normal walk speed up a bit?
  2. News or Updates?

    As always John, I think everyone here appreciates the honesty. I've told my wife that if we win the PowerBall someday soon I'll be calling you guys with a business proposition. -john
  3. News or Updates?

    Yeah, so CoD might be great for the teenage, twitchy-fingered frag fest in us but for me it's already old. Ground Branch is the flickering light of hope for our precious tactical simulation genre. Unless of course you think the next installment from Ubisoft is going to bring us back to the fold: Ghost Recon: Advanced-Future-Predator-Global-Warrior Ultra Deluxe.
  4. News or Updates?

    Hey everyone, I just did a forum search and nothing obvious popped up about an update from John and Company about the status of the game, their progress, etc. Sorry if this is a dupe but I couldn't find any other threads... unless some kind of update was buried inside another thread I guess. So... back to the point... any updates? I have my fingers crossed ... -john
  5. We've just been spending money like mad around here! I'm sure the in-stock conditions will improve soon. The situation has been noticed... -John K.
  6. Authentic weapon models and weapon names?

    I remember the licensing wording at the start of SWAT 4 to cover the terms owned by Colt. What a mess. I'm a big fan of Beretta weapons but yeah, I've heard they are VERY difficult to work with. Thank Goodness M9 works instead of 92F. -John K.
  7. One shot kills

    Agree on your comment regarding vests. What I would like to see is accurate physics for vests as "hit zones", damage, etc. Same with helmets and such. Accurate physics modeling of field equipment would be nice. I understand if this becomes a "release 2" function simply due to time / cost. -John K.
  8. One shot kills

    I like the idea! -John K.
  9. Soul Switching

    Er... other than the obvious commentary on that statement.... I agree with Krise and Zoog. Some of the most fun I've ever had playing an SP game was with OGR and the ability to soul switch on my team. I loved taking over the demo guy realizing I could blow stuff up, but probably only had a standard rifle in case the heat was on. And let's face it, sometimes you just want to be the support guy and mow down a half-mile of forest with your 249. I am all for soul switching, but it IS optional. If those functional purists don't want to use it, they don't have to. -John K.
  10. Ain't that the truth. This thread has reminded me of one thing: What comes around... When I talk with people who LOVE GRAW, I instantly know that we're probably not going to click. I want one thing and they want another. GRAW (1 and 2) give a certain group of people what they're looking for, and I am just fine with that. As an OGR fan I was starting to feel like the odd person out in some forums because I was talking with people who are just happy with what GRAW provides, when I was asking for some thing different (not better, just different). Here in this forum, the majority of us know what we're looking for (I won't say it's like OGR, but we all know what what we're looking for in our own terms). Some people on THIS forum will be looking for something more similar to GRAW, etc. It's not that anyone is right or wrong, but there is a DIFFERENCE between the groups. A fairly big difference depending upon who you talk to. Not trying to further the issue with vague sweeping generalities, but I have to guess that GB is going to be less like GRAW and more like OGR (John - Please don't lay the smack-down on me for that!)... just as GRAW won some converts from the old OGR group, GB might win some GRAW fans. There simply is no one perfect game for ANY genre. I think we're here because we're hoping to get significant steps toward perfect for the tac-sim genre. But, in the end... to each his (or her) own. (Heck, I occasionally enjoy playing BF2 and we all know how far from Tac-Sim that one is! ) -John K.
  11. Excellent response. I agree. As Krise (and others have mentioned) NORG could take care of things by itself. We've been talking about a squad of snipers but the same question holds true of a squad full of support personnel. Sure they will be able to lay down fire at an amazing clip, but will they really succeed? Just as doubtful in my mind as a squad full of snipers. -John K.
  12. Singleplayer or Multiplayer

    As many have already posted, SP to learn the controls and environment but GB might be the first game I actually try serious MP play. When I have played OGR MP I mostly enjoyed coop so that will likely get my attention. Krise - I'll team with ya fella... seems like you've made a lot of "friends" around the MP community. -John K.
  13. Agreed 100%. I think GB is going to be so different from GRAW for MANY reasons that a direct comparison is simply not possible. If GB has DEEP modding support (and I think from what we've read from John & Co so far that's the feeling) then you should be able to find mods that support your style of gameplay (assuming the GB "out of the box" experience needs to be altered at all to make you happy). -John K.
  14. Agreed. Designing a game filled with unlocks doesn't necessarily spur me to play more, or to play certain game types or certain ways... mostly it irritates me. I like the PC GRAW2 achievements at the end of a mission and while I don't play GRAW2 MP (I'm primarily an SP guy).... I've heard that the MP segment of GRAW2 has unlocks and such (not sure if that is PC, console or both). Again, I question the logic behind that. -John K.