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  1. Ladybug kisses

    Aw, I've been busy lately and haven't visited this site in a while. This isn't good news to come back to. Sorry for your loss Kris...
  2. Can you guys help me out? Survey About Firearms Instruction

    Hey, so I've closed the survey, thanks for everyone who replied to it, I have chosen a name for the site, and that will be Practical Firearms Training. I am working on it right now and will preview it to you guys as soon as my graphics designer friend does a preliminary logo that I can use. Right now there are too many place-holders, lol. Thanks again for all of the input. Don't feel bad if the one I chose wasn't the one you picked, every response helped me in not only choosing a name but also in the content of my site as well. Thanks again. :-)
  3. Weapon firing in slow motion movies needed

    Man, love that FAL...
  4. Happy Birthday John Sonedecker

    Happy belated!
  5. Can you guys help me out? Survey About Firearms Instruction

    Well, basically almost all of the people who have an interest but are not super experienced tend to like the ones with "Practical" in the name, while almost all of the people who identified themselves as other instructors preferred the ones with "Real-World" in the name...
  6. Can you guys help me out? Survey About Firearms Instruction

    Thanks to you and everyone else who have done this survey. It really has been eye-opening, I can't say that enough. I'm really glad I did this. One REALLY interesting thing/trend I've noticed, and I want you guys to weigh in on this here. One of my questions asked about firearms experienced. I've noticed that for some reason, people who stated they are highly experienced or that they are already instructors (mainly those who are already instructors) would gravitate toward one certain naming theme. While those who expressed that they are interested but not highly experienced all seemed to gravitate toward the other... So here is my dilemma. On the one hand, I should probably listen to those who are not yet trained, since they would be a better representation of my potential clients. On the other hand, an already experienced firearms instructor might know a thing or two about the industry... So guys, what do you think. I'm thinking about trying to find a way to combine the two, like make the page name the one the less experienced people like more and then in the descriptions or objectives of my services would be described using the language favored by other instructors? What do you guys think? All input would be highly appreciated. :-)
  7. Can you guys help me out? Survey About Firearms Instruction

    Sure, go ahead. Thanks. Edit: Guess it should have been: "No I don't mind." lol
  8. Can you guys help me out? Survey About Firearms Instruction

    Thanks guys, I've actually had a few responses to this survey, some of you have done it but kept quiet about it on the forum here which is perfectly cool, but I'd appreciate it if I get more responses. :-) Mods, would you mind if I post this in other forums like maybe the general off-topic forum (without being in the weapons sub-forum where it is now?) And please, the more comments you guys submit the better. The results so far have already given me a ton of insight, thanks for the comments.
  9. Can you guys help me out? Survey About Firearms Instruction

    Thanks to you two, and I agree too. I think that is kind of my theme, whenever I teach someone I don't do anything fancy, I show them things that are simple and things that work... I've been with some other instructors who seem like they are trying to look cool or something and it's just odd for me... Thanks, I hope more people take the survey. :-) Loving the comments so far, thanks guys, very insightful.
  10. Hey, I was wondering if you guys could help me out a little with some market research by completing a quick survey. I'm starting a little side firearm instruction business locally and want to make a website, but not sure what to call it. I would greatly appreciate it! :-)
  11. VOIP in game or external program

    I don't remember if I put any input into this or not, but in my opinion, external programs are fine for a while, so I don't think spending a whole ton of time on in-game VOIP should overtake your schedule in the beginning, but I do want it to be in the game ultimately only because I would like if you guys can figure a way to integrate the 3D sound into it as well. Meaning when you, the player, talk into the mic to transmit over the radio, if your character in the game is shooting or taking fire at the same time, that activity should also be transmitted over the radio. I think not only would that add to immersion, but could help other players determine the state you are in even if you don't actively say "Hey, I'm under fire over here."
  12. Upcoming 4.11 based build

    The eye bias is a really good idea. A lot of nice things going on. Keep it up. And I hope you find a good chair. The one I use is freakin' awesome, had it for YEARS and always lean back on it and the spring in the mechanism is pretty strong so I never feel like I'm going to fall backwards like with so many of these other chairs, also the back leans independently of the bottom cushion so it's very comfy, but unfortunately I don't see a name brand anywhere and I did buy it, got it from my father years ago... Edit: I did find a label underneath it that says "Tulip Inc." but a search for that only yielded this vintage blue leather chair (not what I have)...
  13. Star Citizen

    Everything can be purchased with in-game money from what they've been saying. And of course there's an inflation, they're trying to raise money. And I never said that YOU have to buy any ships, Obviously there are tons of things better to spend your money on than something for a game that hasn't even come out yet, but just don't see any issue with people paying a lot of money for these things. Their money, not mine...
  14. Star Citizen

    If someone has money to buy a ship with real money, that person has the right to spend it. It's not a requirement...
  15. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    When talking about Ubisoft, I always side with incompetence over anything else, so I agree with you...