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  1. Reticule-only view

    if I remeber correctly, CoD didn't have an old school reticule view. You had ironsights and gun model.....that's it. Additionally, I wouldn't put CoD in the same class of first person shooter as the Rainbow Six series. It's a bad comparison. And, you're looking at a larger audience with that type of gameplay. The run 'n' gun and respawn games have always had a bigger draw than the tactical shooters. I doubt the Rainbow Six series had as many players as CS:S did. So, while losing a few hundred customers may be a drop in the bucket for CoD, Halo, or BF3....tactical shooters like Ground Branch, with its smaller audience, will definitely notice a few hundred lost customers. That's a good point, but it assumes that people are equally as interested in the "chrome" and the internals. I've always preferred top notch gameplay and bug free coding over high quality graphics. Don't get me wrong, I don't want stick figures running around...but, if you give me a tense, unforgiving, solid and addicting game with CoD 1 graphics....I wouldn't complain in the slightest.
  2. Reticule-only view

    Could not the same thing be said about forcing someone into a view they don't like? So, instead of purchasing the game and finding out nobody has a server set up exactly as they like, they avoid purchasing the game altogether because they're forced into a view they don't like.
  3. Reticule-only view

    To clarify, and as Sonedecker understood, I'd like to see it as an optional view. I greatly prefer the "old school" views and find seeing my hand and weapon, granted while realistic, is visually distracting. Have a full view is more immersive to me than seeing some hand representing "me". To those that say you hate being forced to play in a server that has a "reticule view only" option enabled...why not just join another server? Seems like a simple solution to me. If the majority of players avoid that server, the admin will have one of two options 1) run the server how he sees fit and cater to the minority or 2) conform to the masses and enable the options and gain more traffic. I can tell you, if nobody is joining a server...there's little reason to keep dumping money into it and the owner will either shut it down or choose option 2. One of the nicer things about Raven Shield was the option to play the game your way from the start. You can choose your full weapon loadout from the jump and choose how you view the game. I hated being forced to unlock weapons, forced to lose to my reticule, and forced to see a hand and weapon representing me. Now, I will say if this is going to take an exorbitant amount of work...I'd rather see it implemented as a future update or stand-alone mod.
  4. Will the PC version support a game controller?

    I'd prefer to exclude explosions as well. It's still part of the environment that can be used to provide input/data that may be somewhat inacessible to KB/M users. If there was an explosion some odd distance away enough to hardly be heard, but the tremor caused by the explosion could be felt...that event would be more readily apparent to a game controller user (via vibration) than a KB/M user.
  5. Reticule-only view

    Just a quick question: Is there any consideration to a reticule only view similar to Rogue Spear, Ghost Recon and Raven Shield?
  6. Will the PC version support a game controller?

    In regards to the vibration feature common to game controllers, I think it has a possibility to turn out bad. I'm not familiar with how important awareness and reaction/reflex time is to GB, however I think vibration provides a method of feedback unavailable to KB/M users...which may be considered advantageous. With previous FPS games on the PC, the only methods of feedback available to a player is sight and sound. With vibration, it affords game controller users a "backup plan" if they're not fully aware of their environment. If vibration is included, I think it's best to leave it to gunfire only.
  7. Team Vs. Team Games

    my team vs. your team. whoever dies loses. no respawns.
  8. -great netcode, but will settle for "good" -a decent server browser with functioning filters -not so complicated controls. i don't see the need for more than the basic. don't add stuff like "G" toggles safety or "K" to reload half empty magazine. that's just a bit too realistic imo. (wouldn't mind it in SP though) -a working anti-cheat -patches when they are needed -TDM -"free" weapons
  9. from a console gamer

    i agree with this point. i think there should be separate scenarios. if the devs want you to blow through a mission to meet a deadline, then that area should be fairly linear and let the event trigger at whatever designated time. if the area requires you to be a bit more tactical and gives you the opportunity to accomplish said objective a variety of ways, let the even trigger be a checkpoint then "fast foward" (via loading screen or whatever) to the next part. well...just my 2.
  10. One shot kills

    i don't care what you do, as long as it's not as idiotic as CS:S where i can unload a couple dozen 7.62mm's center mass, but the guy is still alive because his "body armor" and "health" got reduced to 3hp.
  11. Player Outfits

    i wouldn't mind the same uniforms except different colors. the most extreme i'd go is SWAT-ish vs. terrorist. But, not the ragamuffin type with ripped shirts and a red bandana. I'd like to see something similar to olive drab cargo trousers, jump boots, and maybe a decent field jacket. or whatever. as long as i can quickly tell who to shoot.
  12. Crosshairs or Ironsights?

    You could always turn it off... options are good. Options are VERY good!
  13. Where's the beer?

    Miller High Life can be considered the Champagne of Beers just as much as Boon's Farm can be considered real wine.
  14. pretty please

    You should get Blizzard as your publishers! I love them!
  15. Where's the beer?

    For Chimay? Behold! edit: oh, nm. you were talking about yuengling.