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  1. AI Vehicles

    I saw where it was noted there wernt going to be many if any user drivable vehicles but would it be possable to add something like what Delta Force had in their multiplayer. Basically the helicopters and ground vehicles would follow a certain path. For the helicopters once they completed that path they would land again. The thing is the player could enter the helicopter and shoot from it either with their weapon or the miniguns on the blackhawk. Fot the land vehicle the player would just enter the vehicle i think while it was moving after it initially started and are automatically placed in the gunners seat. The vehicles could make multiple stops along the way and it could even be random depending on how hard that is to code so if someone wanted to enter or exit the helicopter or other vehicle they could in various places. Any thoughts?
  2. Voice commands

    One thing that i think would be really cool is if you could give voice commands in the game. As it stands now im not aware of any games that do that. What it would allow you to do id use a normal mic to say a command and the teammates in hearing distance would react in single player. In multiplayer they of course would do whatever the individual wanted to but the command can still be given. That would make allot less keys to bind unless you didnt use a mic. This would be much better than what i use in say ArmA where i have to stop and scroll through multiple menus to finally send the command. The could either be a wisper button or you could just use a lower tone and be able to use a pass it on message. You would need to be able to say specific commands too though like "machinegunner" deploy there and maybe where your reticle is they will go. Anyway just a thought. What do all of you think about it?
  3. Weapons

    I really like the idea this game is talking about implementing. Realism would be my main reason for buying it. Since we all like different weapons how about releasing weapon packages. Say have one with the AR/M16 family, one for HK, One or AK varients etc. The same would go for pistols and smg's. That way people could download whatever "weapon package" they wanted to use so they didnt have to sort through a whole list to get to the ones they use. You could even add in a preferance list outside the game to work like a mod where they could further delete cetrain weapon from appearing as options in the loadout screens. On a side note ive always thought the High Standard OSS pistol is cool and would like to have it in the game. Delta force i think was the last game to have it. I have always liked the ability to pick up an enemys weapon and search their body for ammo etc. On allot of games it isnt practical to carry a sniper rifle the whole time but if you kill a sniper you could use their weapon for a while then drop it for another. Suppressors would be a great addition i think. Not only are they a great flashhider but the noise reduction is good too. Its function would be to make it harder to pinpoint your position and at long ranges your position would be almost completly hidden. The only reason damage or range would be less with a suppressor is if you use subsonic or otherwise underloaded ammunition. So unless you plan on adding different ammo types dont reduce the damage or range a suppressed weapon has. A suppressor will in many cases add velocity, reduce recoil and be more accurate. I have a suppressor and it takes all of literally 5 seconds to screw on so much more than that would be unrealistic in my opinion. Bipods and customising the optics would be great. Having the option between a Acogs, Aimpoints, various scopes would be very good. Say if you choose acog what reticle would it have or would there be multiple options? We all have diferent playing styles so giving us the option to cater to that would really add to the game. Including that reticle issue.