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  1. Game Screenshot Thread

    I don't record often, but lately I ended up using Open Broadcasting Software (OBS). It records into flv, and you can set the bitrate.
  2. Game Screenshot Thread

    All I know is that it has better AI than SWAT4.
  3. Metal Gear Solid V – Ground Zeroes

    What's the save system like?
  4. Hatred: Mass-murder Simulator

    A very successful one at that. Looks like there really isn't such a thing as bad publicity. This is the the thing that pisses me off the most about this thing - this game rose to greenlight top games only because of the scandal.
  5. Dark Souls 2

    I guess if you haven't played it previously it might be reasonable to get this version instead. The problem with the fractured MP community remains, or rather, the problem with the new version having very few players, since I guess very few previous owners will buy the new version - so you won't be able to have as much MP. It has been confirmed that it's pretty much a different game.
  6. Dark Souls 2

    Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin http://bandainamcous...e-dark-souls-ii Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin will be launching in the Americas on April 7, 2015 on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC/Steam (DirectX 9/DirectX11)! Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin will include the three previously released DLC packs - Crown of the Sunken King, Crown of the Old Iron King, and Crown of the ivory King - along with additional features. All versions of the game will include the following features (Existing Dark Souls II owners will receive a patch to implement these elements): Additional NPCs added for an enhanced story experience. Parameter adjustments for improved game balance. Augmented item descriptions. Improved online matchmaking functionality. Xbox One, PS4, and DirectX 11 versions of the game will include the following features (in addition to those listed above): Additional upgrades to graphics, sound, performance. Increase in maximum online players in single session (6 total). -------------------- It is not yet clear if the DX11 PC version will be a paid update or free, and/or if it will have a different matchmaking pool than the current version. Neither would be a particularly good thing.
  7. Bought into the Hype

    I still remember how the Modern Warfare 2 budget was back then: 50mil spent on the game, 150mil on marketing, so your guess sounds about right. This is how you sell games though. I bet Destiny already made more than it cost.
  8. Dark Souls 2

    I've been actively playing DS2 since it was released and I think it is better than the first game all in all. Gameplay and game mechanics are massively improved, at least. DS1 had better level design and better lore, but that's it. Btw, the DLCs for DS2 are superb, you should give them a try.
  9. Dark Souls 2

    I think you're taking this a bit too seriously Down8.
  10. Mass Effect

    The ME trilogy is one of my favorite games, and I think it is a huge, if not one of the biggest accomplishments in gaming. I mean, can you imagine making three huge games with stories connected like this? You make the second game, and how do you market it? Please buy the first one so you understand the story, and have a main character to import? And they still did it, two times, giving you the ability to continue with your existing character, with your own story. Everyone complains all the time how 'your choices doesn't matter' and such, but it's a miracle they could even pull this off the way they did - and it worked and there's not really anything like this out there. The fact that they made a trilogy like this, where you can play through three games, with this much connected stories, with the same character, continuously and with the gaming taking into account thing you did two whole games ago - I think this is awesome. This is epic. This gives so much extra effect to when you meet old characters again, when people reference things you did, etc. Not to mention the tons of replay value thanks to the myriad of possibilities in the games. I played through the whole trilogy five times, and always kept finding new things in it. I think the ending of the third game is crap, but it sure as hell didn't invalidate the many hours, emotions, drama, action and everything the trilogy gave me. Otherwise I'm sort of in the same boat as Flogger23m - ME1 had the best story, but the gameplay got better with ME2 and ME3. Btw, it wasn't love on the first sight, though. It didn't quite convince me after release. I liked how dialogues were coreographed and not just characters standing and talking, but that was about it. The rpg-action hybrid combat system was weird, I didn't like how you don't choose what exactly you say, and it was a space opera with a 'save the world/galaxy' theme, none of which I particularly like. A few years later I came across a youtube video titled "Commander Shepard is still a jerk" and, I'm not kidding, that made me give the series another try. The rest is history.
  11. Raven Shield AI mod

    Thanks Led. Also, I think I've said it before, but AFAIK RvS2.0 has its own AI, which is probably based on, or uses stuff from my mod, but it's not exactly the same. I haven't played it though, so I don't know for sure.
  12. Game Screenshot Thread

    There was an arena event for Dark Souls yesterday. I recorded a few matches, I'll show the one where I (in this case, my team) actually won.
  13. Game Screenshot Thread

    Haha, my first thought when watching an earlier video was "what the hell is that music??". Then I realized I had it turned off all the time. I'd recommend that to everyone playing this game. Oh, and you should play it. It's good. In fact, what the hell is up with people here missing out on good tac shooters? Everyone check out this thread, and if there's anything there you haven't played, get on it.
  14. Game Screenshot Thread

    x2 In fact, I'm genuinely surprised that some people here haven't played it. I have a physical copy too btw, a five disk version (Courage Under Fire edition).