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  1. Physics

    good enough.....thanks for the reply
  2. free look and trackir

    1st time I used it in IL2....I got vertigo and fell out of my chair....but after that it was great! and that was only 3 DoF (3 axis - x,y,z) The current TrackIR4 Pro has 6 Axis and in a flight or racing sim is an absolute must. In ArmA I had to make a larger dead space in the center of the tracking zone because I was all over the place, but it really helps...too bad i really dont care for that game or its play style much, it is still a good shooter.
  3. Physics

    You have no idea how many dead tumbleweeds I have produced in GRAW2.....lol Jsonedecker, will the Ageia Phyx platform allow better ballistic modeling in game?
  4. free look and trackir

    Just wondering if TrackIR 6DoF is under consideration for support. TrackIR has been a Godsend to the Flight and Racing Sim community, and after getting used to it in ArmA, I think it really adds to the SA of the operator. Makes looking around a corner a little more intuitive. Anyway just asking. Also what about Ageia Phyx Support? I am always looking for stuff to help me justify shelling out the bones for it. Edit:::: ok so my Search Fu is weak, and by magic my post got attached to this thread....wow...that was fast =).....so I', a month late to the party.....oops and yes i saw the Phyx thread after my post also....oppsx2
  5. Crosshairs or Ironsights?

    I had an ACOG on my Ar for a while and frankly the BAC thing really gave me a headache. Funny thing is that when I'm just target/varmint shooting my AR anti 'yote gun....I can do this all day long. One eye on the scope (12-24 Weaver) and the other watch for wind tells and field of fire issues...Not sure why the ACOG gave me problems. I also use BAC when shooting benchrest, but normally my head is up off the scope and I'm shooting wind conditions.....anyway.... I'd say Irons, Back up Irons, and tactical CQB optics(red dots, Aimpoints, EOtechs, ACOGs, etc).....crosshairs and over the shoulder right handed left eye aiming 3 feet in front of the mussle is for kiddie shooters (no..not shooting kids....shooters kids play)
  6. Weapons

    Kiser, please refrain from throwing NORG in my face for every argument and point you are trying to make. You are beginning to resemble a religious fanatic who shows up on my doorstep at 8AM whe I have not even had my morning coffee. I get it, I understand the NORG concept...I dont need it chanted back to me with mythical fervor. I'm not asking you these questions, I'm asking BFS. Please stop answering for them
  7. Weapons

    Back to the "weapons" part of the OP........ Are you guys looking to include current use weapons systems? I know there are uber licensing issues involved, but what I mean is are you thinking of things like the Knights SASS etc for snipers or marksmen? I guess this is a plea for a marksman weapon thats not a danged 1500+ yard plus behemoth to lug around in say a urban environment. That is unless you envision some place were a 1500-2000 yard rifle would be needed ? I know we are pinging yall pretty hard for stuff that is waaaaay down the pipe...I'm just looking for general terms. Like I said, I know there is a bunch of legalese between wanting a particular item and actually geting one in a product that one pays for. I'm also a flight sim guy (yes the other uber obsessive type of gamer) and I remember the fights and outright robbery that occured between Northrup/Grumman and Ubi. Anyway, was just looking for apeek under the tent so to speak. Also, in your yet un-named game engine, are yall leaning towards realistic ballistics? Range, temp, wind, humidity, WIND, base loads....did I mention wind? I mean if I was the anal type and I pulled a ballistics chart for say M885, would/could I expect the game engine to simulate these known ballistics? I may be peering too far under the tent here, but again just looking for some insight.
  8. Weapons

    krise madsen, here is where I think you are getting hung up on the NVG thing. Your adverage line grunt has helmet mounted NVGs, these are most compatable with the standard iron sights on the M16A2-3 series. Not every one out there is sporting a M4. So the base line situation is irons and standard NVGs. Above that line you have your "Red Dots". The Aimpoints, ACOGs, EOtechs, IORs, Leopulds. These are are still compatable with the NVGs because they for the most part have unlimited eye relief. Let me explain. With a red dot, I'll use the Aimpoint because thats what I have the most experence with, it does not matter where your eye is located in relation to the optic in order to see clearly thru it. Take a hunting scope, if your too far away from the eye piece, the image is not right, too far right of centered, same, too far left, same, too close and you get kissed (yes it's painful....no I dont want to talk about it). This is caused by a combination of eye relief (distance from your eye to the scope) and Parallax (centering the eye in line with the optic's axis). If they are not all lined up, you get a distorted or un-useable image in the scope. With say an Aimpoint, with the unlimited eye relief and it being Non-Parallaxing if you can see the dot, and put the dot on a target, then your good to go. It doesnt matter if the dot is in the lower left of the overall optic circle, or upper right. Because it is non-parallaxing, your eye alignment is not an issue. I set my Aimpoint's dot (2 MOA dot) to be point of impact, so even if I have a goofy cheek weld and my head is not aligned perfect, I can still put the dot on a target and "shoot" the dot. With NVGs and my aimpoint (only did this once in a local 3-gun match) when I have the weapon mounted, with the NVGs on (I hated them btw) nothing changed in my sight picture other than the colors, and the non-parallaxing Aimpoint didnt care if I had a perfect sight alignment....I could see the dot, and the dot is point of impact, so when it landed on a target....bang. One thing to note...my 2 MOA dot was about 8 MOA with the NVGs....shrugs The key thing here is unlimited eye relief. Now for sniper type scopes (variable or fixed) things are different. Can you use a standard NVG, monocular, whatever....yes. Is it a pain, for the most part, someone up there had good luck with his IOR (nice scopes....horribly overpirced even with my FFL discount...lol) but for the most part, sniper scopes used in a night enviroment are either self contained NV or you use a NV device inline with said scope. Man I'm at work doing my real job and typed that up in spurts over the afternoon, and now that I read that....I'm not sure I even follow me....so if I'm way out of the box....sorry....I'll fix it tonight when I get home.
  9. Crosshairs or Ironsights?

    you mean we can look forward to something other than the right-handed 3/4 ready position while looking out of our left eye and leaning our head to the left? I'm all for that =) Thats one of the biggest pet peeves for me in most tac shooters. I shoot regularly (well its starting to get warm enough to head out to the range now) and the disconnect I get when looking at most of the games out there and how they give me a brain cramp when my mind rebels over the sight picture. I mean my brain knows what it looks like to look over an AR, but I see what we have in "games" and it dosent work. maybe it is a game design issue....dont know but I alway figured it COULD be better. I'd be interested to hear what BFS thinks about that. I remember in OGR and RB6 it was very much like a "muzzle" view, at least what what it felt like. With optics mods it felt as if my eye was right up on the Aimpoint etc. Graw took it the other direction but with weird implementation and the way they have them mounted (when in zoom in view) like they are way back on the rail and obilterate your sight radius. On my AR I have my Aimpoint cantilevered forward to retain my sight radius and forward view, I dont need my eye up on it, its not magnified and thus has unlimited eye relief and co-aims with my stock front post and if needed my BUIS unit. Sorry rambled a little there at the end