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  1. mission length

    The best ive seen in terms of open and long / short dependent on how you play it yourself is the MP and now Sp mission for ARMA "Evolution". Theres short side missions combined with the largest which is clearing different cities through the map. Im sure many hear have played it but to me its has OGR dribble factor in terms of building up class/team and open ended playability. More of an open campaign as a large mission really, but just as an example this one stood right out for me of what ive been searching for since OGR. I like short 30 min missions and in some respects this one has both, as I say it all depends on how you take cities and you can split off to side missions for points and class upgrade. Something "like" this would be great as it caters for both.
  2. Digital Distribution

    Although a bit late on a reply for this ... box all the way. Music is something I can handle as digital download, but for some reason games .. with such large data, I like the box and DVD to keep safe.
  3. Don't take my original post the wrong way, I am just pointing out what a hypocrite Al Gore is. Al is just as responsible as the rest of us. I don't care what movie he made, it does not give him a free pass to pollute more than the rest of us. I dont realy think I did take you the wrong way, because the film he made is being pushed as the latest Micheal Moore style global warming is fossil fules = tax twist. So in a way it adds to your view of the man, that basicly its all fossil fules and we are the guilty ones so we will need to clamp down and introduce taxes etc, when infact thats all not strictly true & Gore / Gores film is the dish out DVD to "help". As you clearly state the mans a joke with his background to be some figure head or get on the moral highground and to put the guilt trip on the public who .. didnt actualy invent most of the crap sold spitting out this trash & theres plenty of inventions that have been capped to help with the whole fossil fule use etc. Its sold obviously as a global problem so moving based on this is a short term fix but it will end up in many places (taxation and all that side of it). So the only place I can think is ... ummm ... within a rain forrest for a while . PS - its realy impossible to not be political in a thread that is about Al Gore .... just like avoiding talking about colour when someone starts a thread about painting
  4. Have a read of this : No, global warming is a big thing now, so stop complaining and pay your tax towards it
  5. Live Chat CTD

    Fair enough, just thought Id add that I get a blank grey square and nothing else ...
  6. Yeh congrats jchung ... the members list is filling up very fast indeed
  7. 9/11

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Now Jsonedecker ... I want you to lock this, its a sort of tribute locked thread to (see the funny side Moderators please )
  8. Introduce yourself

    Im calius ... been around since 2002 etc etc. I notice a few old skool names here, I have a feeling this might end to be the unofficial "ole timers" section Anywho nice setup Jsonedecker, familiar board s/w in desert scheme ... nice