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  1. A quick peek

    It looks amazing!
  2. Greek Map (WIP)

    Looking great!
  3. Mplayer is back?

    Wow! Talking about old times!
  4. Roadmap posted

    Very nice! Thanks!
  5. Some Assets I Have Been Working On

    Great work Paladin!
  6. Ground Branch Interviews and Reviews

    Very nice video. Thanks for sharing
  7. wip RS Chalet

    Wow! I missed this thread! chalet was one of my all time favorites map! Thank You for putting this together! Would you mind sharing some of the latest developments. Few pictures if you don't mind?

    Good call Lol your job feels like mine lol

    Hmm it looks like graphics shader rendering issues. Did you try running at low graphics resolution specially shades? Just for checking? Also maybe can't render the armpatch you created in that map
  10. Ground Branch Screenshots

    For a second I thought it was the new R6 Siege box art
  11. My (recycled) contribution to GB

    I absolutely love this approach. Looks good on paper.
  12. Have a question regarding network

    Sadly no. I haven't tested it
  13. Running mine on Full Windowed mode and no issues. I kept getting firewall authorization request to allow the game to run in private and public networks. I wonder if you are getting the same except you don't see the actual message. Check for Windows Action Center messages (Little flag icon bottom right or tasks bar)
  14. And it doesn't look like there is a noticeable FPS drop @FUBAR, Thanks for this "stat fps"