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  1. Web Site/Forum Width

    all you would have to do is edit the #ipbwrapper and wide the banner
  2. Map Editor & SDK & Updating.

    Well without the complexity of the unreal editor, I would like to easily make terrain (use a brush to make it go down, or up) add water, basically everything that the battlefield 2 editor can do, theres a good example. What's the scale of your maps? 400 square kilometers?(as in arma..its scaled @ 400 square kilometers) smaller? larger?
  3. Map Editor & SDK & Updating.

    My first major question is, do you guys plan on having an easy map editor? Map editors (for example, unreal editor) is very complex, but editors like graw, and arma editors are very easy to use. What scripting languages are you going to use? C? XML? LUA? and will you be providing an SDK? Also are you considering using an auto-updater like the delta force series?, that was the best way I ever used to update games, imo. You can release quick fixes and updates easily that way. If you plan any of above, will you be providing a full-scale wiki documentation to help? If you can answer any of these questions, that would be great Also do you have an idea yet (dont need to tell us) who your publisher will be? ubi? ea? etc?
  4. Must needed features.

    For the upcoming title the following features should be implanted (in retail or patch) atleast in my opinion 1. HDR 2. AA (Antialiasing) 3. Widescreen and Full Screen resolution support. 4. Lean, yes...everyone loves there q and e buttons. 5. Matching support, if the game is matchable, then it will be kept alive longer. 6. AI (Tango spotted!) 7. Voice Commands (Enemy spotted!) 8. Fileplanet open beta test, before it reaches retail so you can do a full bug test. 9. "Community Leaders" (forget the actual wording..). 10. Autoupdater. Not the vegas type, more like the company of heroes updater with a blend of joint operations updater. This way you can fix things fast. 11. RCON Features (Remote Admin) Ingame Admin, Punkbuster (or homemade anticheat). Kick, Ban, Time Banned (30 minutes, etc) Lock Server, Server Name, etc. 12. Filters for server browser. 13. Demo (record ingame actions) and screenshots. 14. Minimap with coordinates (N,NE,S,SE,W,E) 15. Healthbar 16. Team identification. (one team has on uniform, another has another) This is my list for now, I wrote this while having a migraine of a lifetime, sorry if it sounds disorganized at some points. - Unleashed2k Unleashed To Kill