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  1. glad youve pointed out 2 of the issues i also felt....there was a distinct lack of "fear" from anyone...i totally agree it all seemed a bit blarsey and yes the human race can only do nothing other than make poor decisions and ultimately make mistake after mistake. I think this was intentional when David mentions the human race is a doomed species. The real bits that git to me though which i couldnt understand are..... . In the end i enjoyed the movie...far better than Prometheus...not an Alien per-se movie. Cheers for sharing your thoughts Det...its always gokd to get someone elses perspective ;-)
  2. Watched the movie last night. Whilst its better than has lots of easter eggs back to the original Alien movie. A better storyline that fills in some of the gaps from Prometheus and kind of links things also opens up differing questions. With those isdues aside....its an enjoyable film and fassbender plays a great part throughout. If you have 2+hrs to waste and emjoy the Alien franchise its definitely worth a watch. The amount of trailers out kind of spoil the experience...but doesnt cover the whole storyline. Look fwd to seeing posts from others that have seen the movie..i will probably go watch it again and really hope there is an extended version release as i feel that it was heavily edited. Let me know what you thought kf the movie....a part 3 is definitely on the cards.
  3. I don't know why but this logo always looked to me like some squatting with a bong pipe !!
  4. Hmm.. I was faced with the challenge "Sniper Elite 3" vs "Sniper Ghost Warrior 3".. I opted for SE3 in the end as it had 25% off. Did I make the right choice?
  5. WOW.....have you checked out Houdini (they used it)...outstanding app...but very heavy price tag !! Prodecural particle programming for particle effects ie simulating Magnetic fields fron sloar falres of the suns surface .... WANT IT WANT IT...cantaffordit...cantaffordit..cantaffordit
  6. Been saying this for 10+ years procedural is the way to go forward. Good article & very true that manual intervention is required Used World Machine years n years ago....never heard of Houdini though so looking into that now Cheers Zoog
  7. "YUM"
  8. +1
  9. I was quite disappointed....poor acting...story that dragged you through depressson.....fight....more fight....dep..."slashed my wrists". Good cinematography TBH....but plot was too weak & drawn out for 2hrs plus....could have been 1hr 30 easy. Wolverine was a better movie IMHO.
  10. ...well said zoog !!
  11. ...well said...
  12. Very good Det. I take it the top is a photo and the bottom a 3D creation. If so can I raise some constructive crits that I notice...u probably are aware yourself...1) Lighting...the photo has a harder yellow light which gives a stronger specular value on the bridge of the nose. 2) Skin tone I more yellow (warmer) in the photo 3) slight issue with chin area check the shape of the shadows under the bottom lip on the chin for a clue. 4) skin "pitting" in photo is more aggressive...more defined. You might get a better proximity in tones if you were to pull some blue out (will show more yellow). Don't get me wrong I like it & its damned impressive stuff
  13. A lot of us here enjoyed the oGR and many are looking for a game or comparing current games; that has a similar gaming my questions are:- Did oGR ever get an updated hi-res texture mod? Did the oGR maps ever get rebuilt with higher poly counts for terrain & objects and better collision models to stop the glitching aspects? Many mods were based on the limitations of oGR, was any of these limitations ever worked around? What else would be required to bring oGR back as an up-to-date gaming experience? (DX9 to 12 limitations etc excluded). I'm just interested to understand why no--one ever went back & reworked oGR as an updated game rather than re-inventing the wheel?
  14. The thing is ...I don't think Scott would have another 3 follow-on's in him with all of the other stuff his creating, so I'm not reading too much into that. Cheers for the post Jeza ;-)