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  1. A lot of us here enjoyed the oGR and many are looking for a game or comparing current games; that has a similar gaming my questions are:- Did oGR ever get an updated hi-res texture mod? Did the oGR maps ever get rebuilt with higher poly counts for terrain & objects and better collision models to stop the glitching aspects? Many mods were based on the limitations of oGR, was any of these limitations ever worked around? What else would be required to bring oGR back as an up-to-date gaming experience? (DX9 to 12 limitations etc excluded). I'm just interested to understand why no--one ever went back & reworked oGR as an updated game rather than re-inventing the wheel?
  2. The thing is ...I don't think Scott would have another 3 follow-on's in him with all of the other stuff his creating, so I'm not reading too much into that. Cheers for the post Jeza ;-)
  3. The Walter Viral was a good creation. Fassbander plays an android rather well methinks. Rumours were rife about Daniels in Covenant being Ripley's mother...Scott disbanded those rumours a few days ago. Cant wait for the movie release...hope it doesn't disappoint like Prometheus :fingers crossed:
  5. well I take it all back...installed played for 15 mins...uninstalled...look if I can roll a car down a mountain with 3 AI hanging out the windows...without anyone taking any damage...nuff said!!
  6. I actually think this might be enjoyable to play. Look at other titles that are out at the moment & is "GR Wildlands" ...actually that poor by comparison?! If you were to drop the GR from the well as "Tom tClancy"...Wildland's as a standalone game might work. I'm not a big fan of Ubi....but then there are many other companies out there that I have a beef the end of the's a game in its own merit. Playable...definitely...affordable...possibly...expecting to see tons of DLC...predictably.... Love it or hate it or don't
  7. Nice post Jeza...reminiscent of the Alien movie supper
  8. Wilkinson Sword....Mach 5....same 5 blades as the Gillette....half the cost!
  9. Just bought myself an Asus ROG G752VY 24GB i7 6700HQ and GTX 980M 256GB SSD + 1TB HD with ROG Cerberus headset & ROG Gaming Mouse with a ROG it as 25% off. Hope to be able to play something from within the last 3 years without issues now. The old Quad Core (7 yrs old) is sitting idle at the mo...but will go to my partners house a web tool
  10. and so it began...
  11. 3 Great movies lined up for 2017 at last!!
  12. Oh this looks about right !!
  13. Oh this looks about right !!
  14. Been on my radar for a while....I'm no Prometheus fan but this movie looks like it will pull Prometheus & Alien as separate entities inline. The thing I dislike is prequels should look like prequels...not updated cinematography & effects but go back to what was originally used...lots of movies have this backward stories with futuristic sets etc...its just all wrong !!
  15. I hate it when Xmas deals come out that are active for the next 2 days...Im skint & get paid in 3 days !!!!