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  1. Soul Switching

    I agree a tactical game every team mate should be like a pawn on a's my hand (brain) that makes the move, right or wrong that move will be...I think soul switching allows you to play a sort of coop mission, in a way.
  2. Map Areas and NORG

    Very much so!
  3. Map Areas and NORG

    What You are describing is absolutely NORG, but on the other hand I think it would end cracking down a big part of the tactical aspect of the game. So I guess we have to come to terms with the lack of large maps! Patience!...Maybe NORG philosophy has kind of brainwashed us, me first ahahahah but thanks God for it! I’m not playing anything but OGR (I’m mainly a SP) and never will play stuff like COD4 and the likes...I’m waiting for GB!
  4. Map Areas and NORG

    Yes, I think you are right MONOLITH! Always wise words from You! After all even real life is a compromise! :-)
  5. Map Areas and NORG

    Hi people, this is my first writing here, but after all, lot of good stuff to read from all of you!…Anyway, here’s my question. I guess the most of you remember the map of the first mission in OGR1 (I’ll take that one just to make my asking clearer, I hope!). Well, the main objective was to catch the chief of the tangoes in the caves but, first of all, you had to by-pass a former bunch of rebels in order to be able to proceed toward your objective. A firefight was likely to happen, hence lot of noise, right? Having overtaken this threat, you had to approach a tent camp of enemies, and doing that in a stealth way, you could engage them by surprise: so, is that NORG? Is it possible that after the previuos firefight the enemies at the tent camp are not aware of what is going on? I don’t think so! And i’m saying that keeping in mind not the script of the devs (as MONOLITH said in another tread that’s just a matter of creativity), but the area of the map (400x400 meters). Unless you use silenced weapons only, such an area doesn’t allow you being undetected; and always using those kind of weapons would be a bit boring for a player; I think the best should be made by missions requiring time by time stealthness, direct engagment and a mix of both situations: but thinking NORG, is that mix possible in a map area of 700x700 meters as those of GB will be? I’m not an expert of real weapons but I think in a small area even just one shot of an M16 can easly being heard causing immediately red alert among enemies. In a nutshell: does the extent of a map negativly affect NORG? Any thoughts about that?