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  1. In-game vid 07/04/2013

    Those purple hummers look ghetto fabulous mate! I really hope we have lowrider versions..
  2. Getting spam from this forum..

    lol.. Good going guys, thanks. I just posted in case this had not been picked up.
  3. Guys..admins..etc. I got the following in an email to the one I used for this forum:
  4. Takedown screen shots

    Right, well, I only posted about the screenshots as the average kickstarter probably wants to see them, and regularly. All I brought the point up for is the 'retention' of a normally fickle end user community. No need to get so defensive about it. LOL
  5. Takedown screen shots

    Not to state the obvious but..With Christian and his team posting these, he retains his kickstarters. This was a good move, regardless of what stage 'game experts' believe his dev. to 'actually' be. Should be something GB takes note of in my opinion.
  6. Kickstarter layout page updated

    I like it. I am guessing that you cannot 'skin' the background with kickstarter projects? I see that takedown does not have that either and I supposed that if you could you would have. I like the updates though.
  7. What happens if Kickstarter Doesn't Make It

    I like the idea..And agree wholeheartedly. I just hope that the 'community' IS actually there after all? Just for a laugh, taking the 570 odd pledgers at the moment, and divide by 32 (players on one server possibly) We only have 17 servers needed to accomodate this community..! EEK! SO I hope more community members get into pledging. If you have not already, please look at this as buying the game, NOT pledging money for a project.
  8. I will continue to be blunt.. Apologies in advance. LOL Why do we need COD type players to play this game? We don't! The people that GB will appeal to are most likely going to be 30 and over. The COD's and BF3's of the world are most blatantly directing their efforts towards the younger, run n gun type players. (yes I am being general, I know there are OLDER run n gun aficionados too) So for simplicity lets continue to call ALL run n gun players COD style. Since it seems that COD was the beginning of the end of REAL FPS..i.e. after GR.. The COD style is an easy buy in, noob players or those with lower skills/low attention spans/whatever, can jump into those games and WIN! They get bright shiny medals and unlocks, Hollywood style graphical screen FX and unrealistic UBER sound. (for example the fact that many games record their sounds in cavernous or echoing ways to enhance the guns) This 'cheap' thrill offered up does not always appeal to a gamer looking for tactical, methodical and by default 'slower' gameplay. If COMMUNICATION is to be a feature of a game, being able to HEAR each other has to be a priority. Not only that, if you think about ONLY communication aspects of a title like GB, and superimpose the 'template' of the COD gamer into that scenario, VOIP becomes a tool of ridicule, trash talk and what not, instead of what the GB game intended it to be. I use VOIP (Skype actually) with a few of my friends when we play BF3. Not only is Skype ultra quiet and quality is great, it is ONLY us! No adolescent (I am in my mid 40's) yammering on, calling names and acting a fool. In fact, my wife often asks what can we possibly talk about during games, when ALL she hears are commands and fragments, i.e. Your left, behind, ammo, clear etc. etc. Personally I do not want MORE players, and here in lies the problem...For a game to be successful it has to have people buying it. What might be interesting to know is this: "What is the overall GOAL of Blackfoot Studios with GB?" Is this 'just the game that a core group have lusted after for years...' Or is this a bona fide money making exercise, i.e. just as ANY new game is..Competing for market share, amassing as many players who have bought the game etc.
  9. Not to be too critical, but is this really needed? Most of what you post is commonly known, especially by anyone that has been around Blackfoot Studios forum for a while. I think that this is going over old ground. Sorry if this is too blunt. Just my opinion that's all.
  10. Get with the times.

    I do not think that this game is going to appeal to 'young' (what does that mean anyway) gamers. If GB turns out to be a 'boutique' game that I have to spend 150 dollars on, I will buy it. Why? Because I earn money and can afford it. As for unlocks etc. The Op IS right in that they help maintain a new gamers attention...which IS the problem right there. If you HAVE or MUST have unlocks and pseudo awards that are designed to keep those with short attention spans entertained and engaged, then this game would have failed. The reason 'run n gun' gaming in MP is so dominant is that it is those very players, the ones with short attention spans, who, due to encouragement from game makers to unlock an award etc., play lone wolf style, and totally forget about the objective/s. That was the single biggest downfall in MP gaming in recent years. The 'consolifying' (my word) of the Tactical FPS, has wreaked havoc with teamplay and taken away any need for cooperation in online gaming. Why do you think EA can get away without putting in VOIP in their games? it is because VOIP in a game like BF3, would be nothing more than trash talk back and forth, since the teamplay aspect is largely irrelevant. Sorry OP, you are subscribing to the 'new' way of gaming, that does not mean it is the BEST way...

    Yeah I did sorry..

    Are you smoking something? The last 3 tiers have only 1 backer at the 2.500 level?
  13. Kickstarter video feedback

    I get that..But its not the way to present. I own a company that trains people to do this for major companies. So it was an observation.
  14. Kickstarter video feedback

    Just a note.. Crossed arms...not good.

    Made my pledge. Will we be getting new forum badges etc. to indicate pledgers? I know they do that on Serellans forum. I pledged to that too..