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  1. This Ring-Tailed Dog Wrestles with Owner
  2. Ichor, welcome aboard. Q: You like cats?
  3. Usually the Old Folks have no problem with this shenanigans, I need a my Daily Dose of LOLCAT and memes
  4. with regards to new/upgrade forum
  5. Lucked out on John Wick Chapter 2 movie tickets. Totally sold out for the day. On my only day off this weekend. I guess I'll have to wait till next day off In the mean time, range was not so crowded. Enough shooters to mask that I was doing a Mozambique Drill. Which is often frown upon by RSO at the range I go to.
  6. I can't concentrate where I should be... boobies!!!
  7. We were promised by Xfinity that since we've been a "loyal" customer, there would be an upgrade speed on our Internet...but, it seems relatively the same. There's a new kid on the block that is running fiber optic Internet in a neighboring town, just 10-15 miles. My friend's Internet was clocked at 95Mb/s on his Win10 laptop, and his paying $80 less than we do. Metro net inc was the company. If the companies review gets any better, might end up ditching Xfinity.
  8. aaaa....something is up with my Internet again
  9. on a Yeti Tumbler