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  1. sorry Mark, can't see your videos turn up your volume on this bad boy for Assetto Corsa "Lancia Delta S4 Gr.B (V. 0.9)Behavior and Sound Test In GameTribute to one of the best rally cars that made history in the international rally by Rallylegends Mod Team"
  2. Ai: "Don't assume my gender!"
  3. I see you like little girl and sneeks
  4. I thought I missed the release of the BluRay ...made head on over to Amazon to place my order...then I saw the reviews of the movie...not the actual product: BluRay I don't get the reviewing of movies in Amazon. You buy products in Amazon. So please review the product. Anyhoo, I'm still going to wait for the BluRay or even DVD, since I keep forgetting I don't have a 4K tv anyway. Jez where you watching this? I can't find a "good source"
  5. OMG, remind me to turn volume down..nearly game me heart attack
  6. yup, sorry SiC-D...btw off topic...somewhat permanent location nowadays?