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  1. Vanity Jeza Bday

  2. Dodging a Bullet

    there were 5 deers I see constantly after work. There's a cornfield nearby that they visit regularly. After some presence of coyote pack, those numbers went to two. two weeks ago, one got hit by a vehicle. I still see that lone deer stopping by our neighborhood for some acorns, crabapples and corn. Sad to see that number goes down so quickly.
  3. Star Wars Battlefront 2

  4. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    This is Reddit Gold Material. You should post this or someone else will
  5. Roaming Rome

    kind of off distance, plus, not a soccer fan...farthest we'll probably go is the Vatican and Colosseum
  6. Roaming Rome

    https://goo.gl/maps/XW8wfN3vc7J2 So, we're going to Rome in the near future. And I'm kinda researching some cool spots along the way so this is the path from our hotel to various "Must See" that we plan to eat ice cream along the way. If you know some delicious treats and must see please go the link and add to the directions and share the link back here, so others can hopefully use someday. I'm going to try to bring a toy to pose as a selfie on various spots. If not, I'll find a Lego or something else. If you know a cool spot around these path for cool sunset picture, pls share that also Here's my Cat Tax for your help and assistance

  8. What Is This?

  9. Dodging a Bullet

    Michigan had 47,007 deer-vehicle crashes in 2015 and according to my friend in Michigan, who lives in areas with the most presence of deer, that number keeps getting higher and higher every year, hence, their auto insurance has sky rocket ever since. He too now hunts deer to reduce population and meat consumption. I hope to take his offer to go hunting one day. I'm very curious with the meat harvest and consumption vs the hunt itself.
  10. The YouTube Thread

  11. Dodging a Bullet

    next car we'll get will have directional headlights and those collision cameras. insurance companies have stats on deaths caused by deers "There are approximately 1.5 million deer-related car accidents annually.The cost of these accidents results in over $1 billion dollars in vehicle damage.There are around 175-200 fatalities every year and 10,000 injuries.The majority of these accidents occur between October and December, but can happen year round." --- Wiki
  12. The YouTube Thread

  13. Good Soundtrack Music