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  1. ...incoming ... scary ...
  2. The YouTube Thread

    Did John approve you releasing the in-game-video mix from the map "The Mountain" Kirq?
  3. The YouTube Thread

    @ Coupon Mum Wholy macaroni, That's OCD...(in a strange way I think it's just brilliant
  4. The YouTube Thread

  5. Happy Birthday Havok, Peace, viiiper!

    Thank you thank you thank you ZJJ, As usual I am a bit slow to respond. Well I feel younger than ever ..... well anyway beautiful fall here in southern Sweden, today, sitting in the backyard with the laptop strugling to see the screen due to the sunlight..... Cheers to Havok and viiper best Peace PS Tack själv svenske seb :-) skål skål
  6. The YouTube Thread


  8. Looking for some medical opinions

    Best of luck with the surgery, John! It usually has good probability of making it better. :-) The downside is of course the rehab, but yoy're a smart guy, right? So, don't cheat with the exercises afterwards... proper rehab is as important as the surgery itself.
  9. The YouTube Thread

    Good one. Too funny
  10. The YouTube Thread

    Go go go!
  11. What is Courage?

    this is courage...
  12. New screenshot

    I just wanna say I'm happy that this game is still being worked on
  13. What is your "day" job?

    I do medical research (degenerative joint disease). I'm employed by a University but fund my own salary and projects by grant money (I guess ZJJ knows about the hassle of writing grants..). Most importantly, I have lost my night and evening job because there is nothing on the market these days ...
  14. New screenshot

    Cool, nice pic! Thanks! Ps Interesting article/video about the military sim too. Best of luck! Cheers
  15. David Blaine's next stunt...