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  1. I love that they use Whitney Houston in the trailer [emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my KFGIWI using Tapatalk
  2. That's a wait until it comes on Netflix for me and I love dogs. Sent from my KFGIWI using Tapatalk
  3. Well Army wasn't only in Europe.
  4. Reminds me of the time Witz, Det and I got together for Some GR only we were complete morons [emoji23]
  5. Definitely Ghost Recon the Original. Then Raven Shield. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  6. Looks like a great trip Ray!
  7. Not bad....I changed out my modem and wireless router. I am happy with the new speed. And my phone. Not bad Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  8. So season 4 is pretty damn good! Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  9. All I See Is You by Shane Smith and the Saints This is Texas Americana/Red Dirt...I enjoy it. Another one by the same group.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsoXcDLlhvM
  10. I am liking season 2 so far, I'll keep going. I am quite enjoying it.
  11. Beautiful KC-10
  12. So I should pretty much stop at Season 3 then?