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  1. plus , the ability to make groups analg to BF2 squad-system ... i cant remember if it's stated somewhere ,if so , how many players per side will be supported in GB's or SG's MP ?? i dont want to hear ,let's say 11 other ppl ( in 12vs12 for example) , yelling about an enemy that might not even be in the perimeter my squad and i am in .... probably via a channel-system ... a possibility to switch between voice activation and activation per button would be nice . something like giving the squadleaders the opportunity to communicate with each other in a seperate channel ... of course with a nice UI ... ARMA's system for example is too complicated . personally i never use external services , since my pc seems to be uncapable of alt+tabbing out of any game without crashing to some freaky error reports . regards, max
  2. ... i dont like this whole easteregg idea at all ... i mean , what dumbass would get on a mission that might cost his life and leave his children to grow as half-orphans , and equip some pink tanktop and that ramboheadwrapthingy just for the sake of "coolness" or "respect" and "fun" ? i think those GB guys should be considered professionals and not 18 year old rookies that joined the army to get hands on wepaons ... i might forget about the "game"-aspect of this , but such **** just pisses me off ... especially in MP ... it would kill the whole credibility and immersion of NORG IMO . oh , and plz : i wont buy this game if it is not possible to equip at least one pair of tucked trousers ... :-P regards , max PS: dont even think about asking me about my opinion of unlockables ...
  3. if you're referring to that book that i use to find in hotel suites in ... interesting .. places : hell , we don't have 2000 years !
  4. when talking about nades AA comes to mind : i rarely find myself using handgrenades in CQB , flashbangs are far more effective (faster handling) . handgrenades (and the m203 of course) only work on open terrain or on longer distances , or longer fire fights with dug-in enemies ... regards , max
  5. ^ hehe would be nice to have an optional part on this kind of maps that just deactivates all other objectives and only leaves one active "reach the extraction point" or , lets call it " get the hell outta here" . i mean that YOU are the hunted the intention would be to create a situation where the ###### hits the fan and you basically have to run for your life . these situations could either be story-based or just triggered when the enemy gets visual contact on you . but the mission should not be finished then , you should have to deal with the more difficult situation . that works quite well in my own ARMA missions : i usually add one or two additional extraction points where i can call in a BH or a stryker to get my out of the hot zone , drive me back to a nearby village where i can regroup , resupply and rethink my startegy before starting the next attack . of course the enemy has changed its positions and is a lot more conscious of the danger when i get back ... regards ,max
  6. this " i want , i want , i want and i even want more of this "-mentality is so widely spread , especially in my generation (i'm 17) , it sometimes makes me want to get tough in some way ... gnah ... the quoted question above is pretty interesting , tho regards , max
  7. predator , you know, i was pretty tired when i wrote this yesterday ... i somehow didn't notice this thread was already on page 5 ... so excuse me if that post up there sounds ... retarded ... max
  8. hi, i liked pre-planning , too ... after completing the campaign i used to send my RVS buddies in with nothing but the waypoints , the zulu,alpha,bravo,etc. orders and me being spectator ... funny to some extent .... adds replayability ! however , i would prefer not to always have top notch satellite data with operators tagging every enemy , but sometimes only very vague info about enemy troop-strength , kind of arms and support , etc. not to forget about different enemy spawn positions that have been discussed in these forums extensivly . also the location of the objectives could vary a bit so you have to search for it maybe even faked objective positions for an enemy ambush ... but this is going OT regards , max
  9. i can second that : the NORG -approach would be : get to a safe place or set your teammates up in defensive positions and make an sitrep in your mind with the help of the map . we don't need pausing times max
  10. lol i didnt know this one ... maybe it was too macabre for our tv ...
  11. and i doubt that air support would make sense ... gameplay wise and for the realism's sake if we get air support , then please in NORG style ... but that would mean that you could pretty much blast away the whole forest/shanty town/village whatever and then just go thru the cleared level ... boring if you ask me max
  12. not to forget : the ai should be able to give responses in a loudness that is appropriate for the current combat situation ... i just hate somebody yelling thru a empty mexico city : "I'M HERE SIR !!!!" i'm for handsignals ...(maybe too) big amount of work that would add a lot immersion to the game ... max
  13. what renderer did you use?? if you got mental ray on board you can make some pretty nasty setups with a simple skylight and final gather , i rendered my m6 that way : was my first project in 3dsm , turned out pretty well , tho i wasn't able to get a nice studio render . i might show some of my first normal mapped objects in this forum to get some feedback max
  14. i can second that i've dropped into unwrapping uvs a week ago ( because i need it for normal maps that i'm also teaching myself atm) and i have to say it's ... fun , really max
  15. hmm nice a car where i don't have to worry about bumps on flat surfaces ... i may choose this as an practice for me ... edit : i suppose there has to be a normal map ??