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  1. ArmA3 announced...

    Finally, the animations and shooting aren't clunky!
  2. Battlefield 2: Project Reality

    Project Reality is doing so many things right, it looks like what Codemaster's OFP revival could have been. Much love for this mod.
  3. Kickstarter video feedback

    This. Thank you Johnathan.
  4. So there's no way to see other soldiers moving in the environment? Rats.
  5. I think one of the most interesting thing about a tactical shooter is the squad aspect of these game, yet the Kickstarter video shows no gameplay with other soldiers interacting (apart from the Helo insertion). Would it be possible to show a small segment of killhouse drills with a small team or some small PvP gameplay with bots or something? It will make the gameplay more lively than just a lonewolf video. Also, a video commentary of what we are seeing on-screen and how it is unique and innovative. I.e: "The chest config and weapon config I just chose is accurately present in game", "Notice how, just like SOF operators handle weapon it is at a low-ready state and I have to raise it to aim", "As you saw here, I jumped over the small ditch and my weapon was not usable just as it would in real-life", "Here I did a tactical reload, my mag was put back in my chest rig for later use, If I'd done a dry reload the animation sequence would have been much longer.", "here you see proper switching from my M4 carbine to my sidearms, my weapon is resting on my chest" *free looks down* This is what makes the game unique. It doesn't need to be long, just a short casual segment. Don't over think it. Raise your voice if you want this.

    Pledged $125. I have been here long enough that I know the value of such a gem.
  7. Ground Branch Modding - WIP's

    You enjoyed it so much, it's very nice to see you go back to it! Everyone thought highly of your work! Thumbs up!
  8. Ruin gets Married

    Congrats. Welcome to the club.
  9. A different kind of wargaming

    At the time of this post there are $6,834 of the 7500.00$ goal. 91% percent funded and only 68 hours left! If you know of people that could enjoy this game don't hesitate to share or pledge! Edit: Project is a go! If it gets funded to $10,000, bonuses will make their way in!
  10. A different kind of wargaming

    The base set of Axis and Allies miniatures is quite good for the price (2 tanks, 6 squads, 1 map, rulebook... from memory). Unfortunately I thought the game involved rolling wayyy to many dices for my enjoyment (rolling 16 dices at times, as I recall!)... But the game looks very good and you can collect the minis for the looks. The think with collectibles is they can get heavy on the wallet. :\
  11. A different kind of wargaming

    Thanks for sharing Witzbold. I also could start a thread about tactical boardgaming, would be so neat to have another perspective on the subject matter (realism in boardgames vs. realism in video games, etc.). I could also share some classic games with the community! To return on the subject matter: those miniatures sure are great looking, but adding some would skyrocket the price. The base cards already feature some great historical photographs that really add to the theme. They are great to ponder upon while playing!
  12. Fellow BFS friends and staff, When I am not browsing the BFS forums, I enjoy hanging out at, especially in the Wargames forums. I admit it, I have a fancy for tactical scale board wargames. This Christmas I received a really great WWII tactical card wargame called Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943. After a couple of plays with my wife, I can say it's really fun, easy to learn yet still has a good tactical depth. Also a big plus, the publisher Collins Epic Wargames is 100% indie from Virginia! Right now, there is a Kickstarter project going on to help fund a really hot map expansion that adds more tactical depth to the gameplay. The artwork is truly stunning and the gameplay is very tight, it can also be played seamlessly with miniatures! This project is 60% funded, with 3 days left only and I truly believe such a gem project should not go to waist! Have a look at their Kickstarter page: Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 Map Expansion Tactical Wargame For full disclosure: I am in no way associated with this product other than being a fan and feeling this game should succeed.
  13. Red Orchestra: Heroes Of Stalingrad

    The best gameplay video I have seen so far! Even the dev team doesn't play it this way when demoing.