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  1. A contest

    very good and true
  2. Ground Branch Interviews and Reviews

    Which is a huge compliment. Rightly so too.
  3. Merry Christmas!

    Working day for me but wish you all well. Peace and long life.
  4. Jonathan don`t listen to these comedians, I expect that many many many years ago they were as keen as mustard too.
  5. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    Yes, to add some of us like stupid play and then some times serious play. The key is fun. We are all different thank God. Ubi = profit and that is it really. All said and done Blackfoot Studios will fill the gap and bring back what has been lost. I for one am very grateful that some one had the balls to break the current mould and get back to First Person`s Shooter`s creative side, and try and do it the right way.
  6. Ground Branch Interviews and Reviews

    Quicky He really loves this game.
  7. What about a sprint mechanic?

    Yes agreed we have had some good luck with good staff coming in this last 18 months.
  8. What about a sprint mechanic?

    If you read the start up screen it tells you what this Demo is and also what it is not. Its not Ground Branch the game.
  9. SWAT 4 Game Download?

    Yes me too no CC but thats down to being too scared to use it in Thailand. This place is way too corrupt to hand your card over to a Hotel receptionist or waiter and a lot of other places. I had my card copied a year ago like many other people here just a normal over the counter transaction 1 week later I was 2,000 in the hole. Bot Dets right No. Later down the road with a sneaky update it will stop working.
  10. Unreal Engine Fur Update

    Yes he should really write a book.
  11. The YouTube Thread

    Jeza looks ok but I got the impression something was not quite right about the whole thing but I can`t put my finger on what it is.
  12. Beans, Not for Astronaughts.

  13. A very sorry Dog.
  14. Listen to Seb he will put you right.
  15. Factual Errors in Book Based on History

    Your obviously not happy and I can see why. Is his previous stuff ok ? why did you choose his book ?. Do you fell better now you have let loose on the forum. Spreading anger amongst friends always helps