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  1. To The Over 30's

    Well the ever growing consumerate western world would have to take a huge part of the blame as I see it. I am born in 1979 and I feel that I have had a happy childhood etc with no real huge problems either financially or otherwise really. Another issue is the technological advances, many western societies become more urban and moving away from the rural way of life, citylife is very comfortable for some people but I can imagine very stressful for others. I am born and raised in an urban environment but the more I think about it now as I start to slip towards the end of my 20`s the more I wish to settle in the districts outside town. My comments might not be that relevant but urbanisation, technology and of course also globalization while of course having alot of positive things about them have a very strong negative effect on the "I can have it and I`ll buy it tomorrow but I would prefered to have had it yesterday" kind of philosophy around it. People get much more attuned to and used to compare themselves to eachother in ways of competition tied to the consumer society that I think\hope we didn`t have before. Many people today (myself included I`m not ashamed to say) are very spoiled people that become not necessarily lazy I would say but BORED by living in the societies we do. I once remember talking to an chinese female friend of mine while I was abroad and we talked about where we would live in the future. I said I probably would settle in scandinavia and I joked about that she should do the same, but then she told me that it would be so boring couse we all have cushions under our arms and that we didn`t have anything to really fight for, as in having lost a sence of purpose in life of something.
  2. Name one thing (not people) you LOVE~

    I love the gloaming, especially during the summermonths in Norway when it doesn`t get really dark, its just like there is a vail over everything covered in this light\deep blue color, love it.
  3. To the entire BFS team

  4. sniping?

    While I do agree that all the talk about ballistics etc would be very good features for snipers (and other classes\weapons) in the game we have been told I believe that the size of the maps are somewhat 600 x 600 m Meaning shots from snipers will usually be fired 200-300 m usually as I doubt we shot directly across the map. (though we don`t know). Just throwing out the idea that the bullit valocity (spelling) might not be that big of a deal in the game considering the range most firefights will be engaged at and mainly thinking about the higher calibre weapons. Not saying I don`t wont ballistics but I come to think of that we as gamers might over valuate the neccessity of it on levels of this size meaning for me personally I would want the team to take realism further in other aspects of the game then this one. Last sentence refering to the time put into the develpment of the game and specific features.
  5. I didn`t know about this deal, but I registered that Ubisoft was making Farcry 2 for Pc (which sounds awesome) and I must say it sounds like they will redeem themselves somewhat for what they have done recently with the R6 series. Good news indeed for Pc gamers like myself
  6. Planning map

    I`d say NORG for the map for sure.
  7. # of Players

    For Coop I say 2-8, for adversial I say 2-16. Having a maximum that is less then 16 I think might be a weakness, those full servers on RS was always alot of fun.
  8. Getting knocked unconscious

    It does add an extra element to the game in the sence that a character looking dead in-game doesn`t have to be so. Personally of course one could just sweep a few more rounds into the character to finish him off though if one would have time to do just that, which of course one not always don`t have. In the game it would mean that if you face lets say 15 enemies and have shoot them all and the mission is not over, it would mean that one of them is unconcious and you`d have to walk around execution style finish off characters once and for all. How desirable such an in-game behaviour would be from a developer point of view on the other hand is surely not for me to say.
  9. One shot kills

    I think you got shot with a shotgun in that round, it appears are more rounds couse of the buckshots if I am not entirely mistaken.
  10. Proof of Life

    I will be happy with two things in regards to this, one is the most important which is basically just the sound of wildlife couse it gives alot of atmosphere. Another one is the one that is related to gameplay. BF2 does this in a very good way by having the flock of birds at some points on some levels basically alerting of incoming enemies, this is a very neat feature. However the drawback is that they sit the same place (if I am correct) everytime. I would love to see a random plavement of a flock of birds on the levels ( at least some of the ones that takes place in nature ) couse it does add another element to the game if it is placed random in addition to the atmosphere it gives as well.
  11. Let the good times roll!

    Aw I see, always nice to see how people and players "meet up" at all the various forums across the web
  12. Let the good times roll!

    Is this Kimi from the RvS boards ? If so I remember her, if not...uh I don`t
  13. Ever heard of "Dog Tag?"

    A funny sidenote to this post is that when I wrote my reply I thought about "Mafia 2" that was claimed to be in development, now though the rumors are it will be indeed shown in the games convention in at the end of august :-)
  14. What was the first game you played multiplayer?

    I played Lan on Doom, and Doom2. Then Duke Nukem and Diablo. This was only with my cousin and sometimes with one of his friends. The first full online experiance with a online community I had with the release of Rouge Spear, I actually remember that "Tv station" was the first level I played Today I still hold Rouge Spear as the game giving me the most out of online fun, followed by MOHAA.
  15. Ever heard of "Dog Tag?"

    Yeah I remember a Russian game called "Private wars" or "Sniper" something that was supposed to have groundbreaching graphics and environments. The idea was that you would run a secret corporation with mercenaries that would be deployed in various conflicts, you`d have to earn money ( I think ) so you could micromanage the corporation or something like that. Of course you would also control these mercs in combat etc. It sounded real badass when I read about it, and it was one of the very first games I was anticipating, however it never saw the light of day. Though a few years ago I read the project had started up again, but nothing since then. The first time I heard about it was in 1999 if my memory serves me right.