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  1. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    That is not Ghost Recon. They just lost my preorders for Rainbow Six Siege and The Division. This is just slapping the name on for a cash grab
  2. Tech Preview available and Store is open!

    Congrats John and team! If you need playtesters in Columbus, my offer to drive down still stands! 2.5 hours isn't that much of a drive!
  3. Greek Map (WIP)

    I like that you picked icons that, at least in the screen, look acurate as to being Greek Orthodox.
  4. Eh, I'm sure there's some way to tie it all in together. I was mainly just making a pun on the situation there where law enforcement looks like it is preparing for a war.
  5. Ok, that's what I thought I had read somewhere.
  6. I like this idea too! Not just because of SSN either. Replace "Brooklyn" with "Chicago" and you might have a place in the current climate.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't CS made with R6 as its inspiration? So in effect all the "CS-clones" were actually "R6-clones." Secondly, the part I love with the direction CoD is taking is that based on what BLOPS2 looks like in the trailer, they appear to be taking/copying aspects from other games that originally copied them. So in effect, CoD is copying itself. Finally, I never knew that you were the one responsible for CSL, John. I have to thank you for that! Once I started playing online in R6 games with R63 on Xbox, that was easily my favorite map. Oh all those nights playing not only vanilla Team Survival on there but Michael Meyers. If I ever run across you in Columbus and somehow recognize you I'll have to give you a high five. (I'd buy you a beer, but I don't drink)
  8. Media size limit & install space

    I would expect DVD9 media to be used, even if it required two discs. (like GTA4 did) Not enough people have Blu-Ray drives in their PC at this point I would think. As to the installed size, I am in the "as much as needed" category. I have 1,1TB free right now between my 3 hard drives.
  9. Get RvS License

    Not to mention that RvS is built on a base of UE2, which is rather outdated at this point.
  10. No idea. It's half a month old, so I didn't think I'd bother emailing unless it was you guys since they probably have all the spots filled. I asked if it was you because I don't know of any other studios in Columbus. PS. If you ever need a somewhat local tester, I'm just up I-77 near Akron. :-p
  11. Do you just need a CD key? I have 4 copies of the game from different things I've bought.(Canada R6 CE, RvS Gold, RvS UK CE, just RvS that came in a multi-game auction on FleaBay™)
  12. Does this ad by any chance belong to BFS? http://columbus.craigslist.org/cpg/1349248488.html If so, can someone up near akron remote test, because I'd love to help out!
  13. Problem with R6 & Rogue Spear

    I also installed all of the R6 games up through RvS/AS/IW on XP without any problems.
  14. Which series do we like to watch?

    My main ones are 24, The Unit, NCIS, and Numb3rs. I used to watch Walker Texas Ranger and JAG til they got cancelled. I still watch them from time to time in syndication, though.
  15. Donation discussion

    I would definately buy a hat and maybe a nalgene-esque waterbottle. Coffee mugs and/or travel mugs would be great too.