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  1. Voice Acting

    Radio Static and Transmit Beep for Radio Traffic What do you all think about adding sound effects to the voice overs like radio static and a digital "beep" at the beginning of each transmission? I have never personally heard what a transmission sounds like over the kinds of radios (MBITR?) special operations forces use, so this would depend on if its realistic. As an artictic effect (like the gritty paint work on the M4) I think this would add some interesting character to the audio portion of the game.
  2. What type of mission objectives would you prefer?

    The Raid on the Enemy Camp One objective I've always enjoyed was the raid on an enemy camp (Ex, the raid on the Ossetian rebel camp in Ghost Recon 1 PC). This type of objective was so fun because it afforded the player the opportunity to use the entire team in a multitude of ways -- which was great for replayability. For example, you could: 1. Position a sniper team in an elevated position to initiate the raid, and follow-up with assault elements from other directions. 2. Or suppress the camp with a support element and pick off hostile as they went for cover with the sniper team. The possibilities were many. My humble wish is that Ground Branch will have the (1) terrain and (2) team management tools to enable the player to pull off these raids in a fun and sophisticated way. Summary A couple of suggestions to enhance the play for the Raid-on-Enemy-Camp objective: 1. Distant and Elevated Positions: Allow sniper elements access to distant, elevated, and protected positions -- so that they can gather real-time intel and provide overwatch. 2. Prioritized Target Lists: Have priority target lists for all team elements to help passively manage different elements during a raid -- you would set these before a raid and after gathering real-time intel on the target. These commands are especially helpful for passively controlling a sniper team -- for example you might want the sniper to initiate a raid by (i) eliminating gate sentries, then (ii) suppressing a barrack, and lastly (iii) provide overwatch to an assault element -- that you are actively controlling -- as it moves in on a target building.
  3. Player Outfits

    Visual Details: How about some "little" visual details on the characters like: 1. Articulating Accessories: Pouches, holsters, and vests that move -- even to a small degree -- accessories like rucksacks should not look like they are adhered to the character models. (cf. Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell 1 PC) 2. Dynamic Soiling: As characters trek through the terrain sweat and dirt would soil the character's faces, armpit area, and clothes. (cf. Wet clothing in Ghost Recon 1 PC) 3. Unique Stances and Postures: Some variety in character stance and posture -- no two characters on your team should look like they are prone, taking a knee, or standing in the "exact" same way. Differences should be slight to avoid the team looking like carbon copies of each other.