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  1. Neighbor vs Lawnmower

    LMAO ,You sure don't see that kind of attiitude everyday !
  2. Introduce yourself

    Hello to all that visit. I +Force+ commonly know as Richard or "skid" or "skidder" just some nicknames that I have never been able to shake off. I have been a active modder mostly in the mission editing department with igor from the beginning of ghost recon and the castle map. I have seen alot of modders come and go and the ones around here have in my opinion been around the longest and it shows by their handy work and attention to details. I have spent some good years in the service of our great nation and have learned alot from it. I believe it has influenced my modding skills immensly.II have attempted modelling in 3dmax and have had mixed results. I could do more with the assistance of experienced model maker. I have come to this forum seeking the assistance of the modding community to further my skills as a modder.I have alot of time on my hands most days and don't mind conversation,feel free to send me a pm.
  3. How often do you visit BFS Forums?

    I stop by all the forums at some point during the day and catch up with the news on things.
  4. Welcome to BFS!

    Looking forwards to seeing what is coming from Blackfoot Studios. The hype of the game has raised some eyebrows! I've been reading alot about it here ,sounds exciting,thumbs up! +Force+ <mission editing>