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  1. Tactical aids: we aim to implement tool x and y that can be used in such and such way, emulating real life experiences, wha wha wha wha
  2. This isn't the tactical shooter you're looking for *waves hand* Disregarding the gamebreaking bugs (which will probably be fixed), the horrible UI (which you can get used to) and the generally unfinished state of the game, this just doesn't feel like a tactical shooter at all: The AI is absolutely dreadful in co-op, flopping between 360 noscope and OfP's CQB AI's mentally incapacitated little brother. They hardly respond to any cues like supressive fire (or in some instance, fire), they don't take cover, they don't defend the objectives, they don't seem to care about breaching charges or flashbangs... The map and game-round design are not conductive to tactically approaching the objectives: the words non-linear design were thrown around quite a bit in the run-up, but really the problem starts before you even get to the map: there's no level designs, there's no planning phase and you can only choose between two entry points but there's no part where you can choose to approach the buildings or areas because you start straight in the middle of the action. This means that to have a chance at choosing a logical, tactically viable approach because you'll have to rely on knowing the map from having played it 73 times beforehand. As far as the non-linear spiel goes ingame: there's corridors and you have 2 (!) staircases to go up and down. But still, every level looks like it was designed with a gamey mind, resulting in a bathroom-between-the-kitchen-and-the-dinner-room kind of jumble. Player movement seems pretty odd. You want to run around with your sights up all the time, which is very slow, then you have the option to run a bit faster but you'll never have a chance to get your sight up should you be contacted, and then there's a sprint that'll clip you into a doorway should you try to use it for a bang and clear. And while I know that it isn't necessesarily part of "gameplay", the other players movement animations make it look as though they have a sever case of stiff neck. Furthermore, using the grenades is not a very intuitive experience: takes quite a while to whip one out, you have to hold it down for a significant amount of time to get a full force throw and its hard to place them correctly. Maybe it's just my twisted view of tac shooters, but I find a lot of flashbangs through every door a core aspect of gameplay. Of course, the bugs don't help: nonreaction to flashbangs, open doors everywhere (I mean, the best part of a tacshooters is agressive room entry right?) All in all, I had a playtest with three guys, and after about an hour we decided to quickly install SWAT 4 and had a better time.
  3. I think I would trust you not to take 100k to blow on coke, hookers and blackjack (maybe a slight 20, but hey, we all gotta blow of some steam right?)
  4. Decided to buy last minute too, but the game was really buggy on 0-hour, apart from a few glaring gameplay issues.
  5. In an era where swords weren't a primary combat arm any longer, how can this games wondeful fluid melee system kick in?
  6. All games are tactical in nature.
  7. I was in an exposition about the human body, where some doctor displayed real body parts (in some kind of plastic), and smoker and non-smoker lungs were on display. One looked edible, the other not. Enough said, enough seen.
  8. Looks like it, wearing dance shoes and everything.
  9. It's best not to watch these things with commercials. Often enough the director/editor puts effort into the rythm of scenes and the episode as a whole. Commercials take a very big dump on any artistic aspects episodes may have.
  10. Except if you buy a retail game, you've already paid them (a lot of money), and they should be adwaring your computer.
  11. It's "the ######" *srsly, the censoring dictionary on this forum is made by a cloister monk
  12. For only 20 euros, you can have all ghost recon / rainbow six games, and step by step reconstruct how ubisoft ruined a tactical shooter!
  13. This is quite painful. Free to play = CS clone
  14. Looks like another CS clone.
  15. On the one side, it's good news... but then there's the other side. The required system is massive. Once again, just like with ArmA and ARMA2 it's going to be a massive community divider, and this is going to be everyone in everyone's favourtie realism unit/clan/whatever. I will have to buy a new computer to run this (I was going to get one now, but I guess I can wait a year). Like in ArmA and ARMA2, the game will be buggy, un-optimised, and a general pain in the ass upon release for minimum to medium systems, and sometimes oddball performance issues even on beast computers. Then it's another year of waiting until the game is properly patched (I have to hand it to BIS, ArmA and ARMA 2 both saw massive improvements after a long period of patching). And then we'll lose our favourite mods again (ACE and especially ACRE), which will take time to redevelop if they even do it. I was so pleased that these gameplay-enhancers (let's face it, who cares about another APC model?) are finally stable. Guess we have another year to enjoy them. The game's saving qualities will have to be in massive engine improvement, especially when it comes to fysics, such as in the case of throwing grenades and moving into buildings / AI ability to fight in buildings, and accesible buildings. These are ARMA's current bad points. We'll see.