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  1. Health System [Medics?]

    If you wanna know where you get hit, just use OFP's "freelook" to examine your body for wounds. As far as medics are concerned, when playing as a medic, treating teammates would go in a MGS3 style manner. Check the wounds to see what needs to be done and use the correct items in the right order for that... that is if you have what you need and the same should apply with the AI. If that medic doesn't have whats needed, he calls for help and/or improvises.
  2. Crosshairs or Ironsights?

    Here's my idea: -Option to have crosshairs on or off -Free aim! -keep the iron sights otherwise it wouldn't be realistic, duh!
  3. Weapons

    That list's a mouthful. What weapons are confirmed to be in Ground Branch so far?
  4. A zombie mod

    If only you're right... What do you mean by Rage style? I never watched any zombies films but I played a few games (Zombie games) I pretty much prefer genetically mutated types, much more thrilling and intense.
  5. How LOUD gunfire should be in the game

    How about sound control for several unique sounds like from Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear (Master volume, footsteps, gunfire, voices, ambience,etc.) So if you want a true combat sim, turn the gunfire volume to max or if you have sensitive hearing, turn it down and enjoy some loudness from everything else!
  6. Playing "Dead"!

    Infiltration: A mod for Unreal Tournament (1999) and forthcoming Haze for PS3.
  7. Playing "Dead"!

    Would'nt it be interesting if when you're getting hurt bad, you can pretend to die to fool the enemy? I seen a few FPS's do that. Although, one disadvantage I can imagine that if the enemy AI were varied, each enemy having a different personality: Some enemies would shoot corpses for fun so then you would'nt be dead before then you would be straight away.
  8. Must needed features.

    Health bar? No. In Tactical shooters nowadays, they don't use Health bars and some don't have a HUD at all. (All for the sake of immersion.)
  9. A zombie mod

    I see. Well, to the people who think against the idea because it's "unrealistic", I think it might happen (I just hope it won't in my lifetime) like some terrible accident in a research lab causing a virus and then it somehow spreads around the world like fire! So a zombie survival simulator would be vital to get us prepared as anything can happen, even the most unlikely seeming so called impossibilities.
  10. A zombie mod

    What's NORG? And my zombie idea is tactical! Players working together to escape an armada of zombies. Thirdly, I originally thought about having zombies individually different so I guess thats good too. I was also thinking of adding a group of powerful bio weapons (Enemies) alongside the zombies like a Nemesis-like character who jumps high, has immense strength and weilds a rocket launcher in one hand and a chain gun in the other; a sinister female telepath that specializes in Telekenesis and an agile warrior with huge blades as fingers! But that would be going too far.
  11. A zombie mod

    Seeing how bad the TWT zombies mutator for INF was, I thought I'd suggest a better Zombie mod for Ground Branch. -Have the zombies be able to run (Only 85% as fast as a human), use weapons ranging from melee types to firearms (But onlt pistols, shotguns, SMG's, assault rifles and are half as accurate as humans are.) Zombies cannot die (Although they drop "dead" for a moment or two when hit enough times) unless their heads are blown apart. -various types of zombies apart from the ones mentioned above: -Huge macho zombies: Tougher endurance (Even with the head), super human strength, most of them weild chainsaws (Which kills in one hit) but a few use heavy weapons like rocket launchers and machine guns. Some are barehanded but can pick up heavy objects and throw them at you! Obese zombies that spit out acid and explode when either killed or when in contact with a human. Hunters: Feral-like zombies that can climb walls and ceilings, very fast and can literally rip people to shreds! Parasites: Leech-like creatures that are what infected humans, turning them into zombies. They come in huge groups and suck out your blood when they pounce onto you! -be able to blow limbs and chunks off the zombies (Much like House of the Dead) -Mod-exclusive maps and objectives like a dark derelict city at night and the players have to find fuel for a bus to escape. -(This feature should be implemented into Ground Branch itself), interacting with objects like moving them and picking them up like in the Source Engine games. So you can build barricades to protect yourself and your team from invading undead!
  12. AI Wishlist: Helping wounded AI

    -Make use of bullet penetration -and use grenades (Unlike the bots in Infiltration, darnit)
  13. Weapons

    How about these? -Be able to customize your weapons with accesories during gameplay in real time -XM8 -OICW -FN 2000 -MP7
  14. I'd like to see faster AT and RPG rockets

    And also realistic back blasts which make BBQ out of anyone behind the weapon when fires a rocket.
  15. WEAPONS -AK103 -AK107/AK108 -and the AK 101 -MP7 -RPG-7 and the other RPG models (Down at the bottom) -OICW -XM8 (Even if it is a canceled project.) -With these... -Be able to customize weapons with accesories during gameplay! VISUAL/SOUND EFFECTS -Motion blur -Liquid splatters on screen (Blood splatters when near a target when you kill them, water droplets when it's raining or when coming out of a body of water.) -When shot, your vision gets blurry, heartbeat sound effects kick along with the sound of evrything else around you becoming blocked out. It all dynamically gets worse as you get wounded any further. It's realistic. -Bullet whiz cracks