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  1. Cooperative game

    Hi I haven't seen any replies yet to mirror miy reply, and im sorry if this has been said before. I wouldnt be displeased in the slightest, if the GB Co-op system worked in a similar way to Rvs. I know that a few of the devs have experience in that platform The 8-man co-op..WORKS Vivendi have tried 10-man with SWAT4 and it causes a phenominal server lag. UBI tried a 4man with all recent games, its pretty obvious..we all hate that. In terms of ourselves..4-man is useless (8man is tight). WE like to have maybe 5 SAS working well and 3 unknowns..to see how we work..for recruitment purposes. This improves our status in the environment, but also allows 'clans' to grow into the future...thus developing the community..FROM the game; and not vice versa. On a differant topic..the RavenShield admin side of things was pretty much the best out there.. TODAY, a few tweaks maybe but on the whole..pretty darn useable. Just my thoughts