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  1. hmmmm i guess the posting of the viral on the ubi GR sight was there lame attempt of tying GR into a flight sim hoping to drag graw/gr gamers into this. Well thats my take on it right or wrong.
  2. GhostRecon night on Friday (3-28-08) night?

    Had a Blast it was great fun.....but oh so rusty, looking forward to the next one. great fun indeed
  3. Nems Artwork

    thats awsome stuff, so nem what bit do you do...that little ship up top left no you know i kidding name guys did some awsome art work there m8ty
  4. What kind of lighting can we expect?

    yeh but was they not far and few between, from what i recall
  5. First GB gameplay screenshot !

    nearly ###### my self
  6. Singleplayer or Multiplayer

    sp then mp, use sp to get used to the controls and such then go to mp
  7. Please, NO RANKINGS!

    I would suggest that in the squad set up there would be a dedicated slot for the rear man, this would then be reflected in the team score at the end, so that being the last man would not inflict a disadvantage in the final indivdual score. So long as you take a slot in a squad no matter what role you take the scoring system should always benifit the squad/team and the lonewolf be at a disadvantage even if he gets more kills/objectives the score would be bias to squad play Always
  8. Fan site wanted?

    You need to read white post again before you quote and reply. a bull in a china shop
  9. Please, NO RANKINGS!

    Rankings worry me, i have seen to many times where servers become unplayable because of the 30 lonewolfs working on getting there next rank or getting there next medal for knifing 100 enemy for example. You also inadvertently end up with a split community. On the other hand having a ranking system does draw in that type of gamer ( and there ALOT of rank obsessed gamers ) which in the end brings in sales and with that success. The trick is to find that balance, if at all possible.
  10. Remember Microprose? They're back....

    the best sim makers of there time, i used to love the F1 game
  11. How many hours do you spend on gaming

    Ahhhhh a distant but very fond memory, times i truly miss. ps. to self must get that dam TAW tag removed
  12. How many hours do you spend on gaming

    1-2 a week, thats only because i just got medevil2, if i had not that 0 hours as there is crap worth buying
  13. Would You Pay More

    Hmmm would i pay £50 for a game...? I am not sure to be honest, i have been so disillusioned with the direction that FPS and so called tac-sim have gone that i have not bought a game of this type for years. What i would say is that if GB gives me what GR1 gave me in terms of SP/MP game play, coop play, Mod ability, longevity and community than it will be £50 well spent.