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  1. The most important things

    I know I might get nuked for this but I dream about customizable players. Like in RPGs 1: I want to be able to customize my player. Both for SP and MP eg. The player is based on maybe 10 categories. Height (Tall vs Short) Whith ( Skinny vs Fat ) Speed (Fast vs Slow) Stamina Endurance Accuracy Luck Agility Stealth and maybe others too. A player has 100 points to distribute over the different categories. This will affect both gameplay and how the character looks. Eg. If I shot at someone without carefully aiming. If Im a lucky guy the chance of a hit is higher then if im not that lucky. If my endurance is low I wont be able to run as far as if it was high. It would also take me longer to aim when I stop running. If Im tall I can see over obstacles but if Im short I can hide better. I think I made my point. (Ducking for nades) 2: Another thing that would be nice is if these stats could be affectable during gameplay. Maybe not Height since most soldiers have stopped growing but strength, speed, accuracy and others. Lets say you are a run and gunner player, maybe you could gain points at endurance but at the cost of stealth. Maybe you also gain points at speed but looses to accuracy? Say you snipe a lot. Gain accuracy points ( for every headshot?) at the cost of endurance. If you hit legs, arms or misses completely loose accuracy points. This list could go on for a while but the idea is there. 3: Realistic wounds, limping. 4: Ability to pick up fallen players gear including nades. 5: Ability to select what I will wear, skincolor, hair color or even go as far as Vegas2? You guys have already mentioned the rest.
  2. "Densus 88" - Indonesian SF

    Hmm. Thats my old gun. Model 45B At least that was its name in Sweden...
  3. Objective game modes -MP

    Unfortunately that app doesnt seem to support GRAW2. Only Ghost Recon 2 and GRAW 1.
  4. Weapons

    LOL I had her ( m45b ) when I did my time in the army. Got it exchanged for the ak5 but I actually liked that old m45b better. Would love a version of it in the game. Would it be possible to have a silencer on it ?
  5. Chatting Between Games.

    +1 bump . GRAW2 failed totally in this. And much else... Im almost ashamed being from Sweden.
  6. Proof of Life

    About Civilians: They could react in more the 2 ways. 1: Run Away in fear noticing our enemy of our presence. 2: Wave gladly at us carefull not to give our position to the enemy (if we behaved previously in the game, not shooting civilians) 3: Start yelling at us in the native toung maybe mixed with some english words More and louder yelling the worse we have played. 4: ( my favourite) Blink to us and then point out the enemy + going to the enemy and giving false testimony they have seen us somewere else =) (Only if we behaved really really well) About other Moving civilians: Cars. Driving by. YES. Excellent idea. Think sneaking by a house trying to hide as well as possible. Suddenly a cars drives by making you drop something in your pants. Pfeew. Only friendlys ... this time. Whats that smell?? About Proof of life: Animal sounds that gives away our position is great and could work smooth. No cpu usage unless we or our enemy is close enough to the bush, tree or rock. Then, if dices roll for it, birds fly up, frogs starts to make its sound, dogs bark, cats mjau, snakes rattle or sizzle or what ever( I guess no rattle snakes on Sumatra?) Sound stops when character moves away far enough from the trigger object. This means that if I throw a rock in a bush to draw enemies attention.. It might not work. Simply cause there might not be a bird or cat in that bush... Not all of these things require an animation. Birds need one though. And I would love to see an angry cat or snake. Dogs could have a doghouse object. That wouldnt require an actual animation. A squeeking rat would be fun. One that we or the enemy could silence with a silenced shot =) Actually. All animals should be possible to "silence" with a small risk of that action actually giving us away. At least if we miss the shot hitting the rock/wall/tree behind it making a richochett sound the enemy notices.... Simple stuff like flies around garbage cans is almost a must. Running out of it....