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  1. My 06 Saleen S281 SC image 1 image 2 image 3 My 03 Ranger FX4 5.5 in RCD lift 33'' Pro-comps Red Ranger MODERATOR EDIT: Large images changed to links per forum rules.
  2. I played the multiplayer beta and did not like it at all. The graphics seemed very outdated (game was in development for 7 years), the movement of your guy seemed very unnatural, and there was a very poor balance in weapons. While playing, the shootouts in the game were very short, and it seemed like way too much time was spent getting to the action or finding it. I can see many servers being dominated by snipers. I would like to hear a review from somebody who has the full game to see if any of the problems were fixed.
  3. Have the same monitor and love it. Well made and the dark colors (mostly black) look good unlike some other LCDs I have seen.
  4. I am outside of Milwaukee in New Berlin. Yep, it's all about the beer, cheese, and brats up here.
  5. I'm Jeff, 22 and from WI. My first on-line PC game was R6. I had the best time playing over my 56k connection on the Zone and M-player. I've played most of the Rainbow Six games and also GR, but never had a great internet connection until BF2 came out. I played bf2 in Cal for a year, little GRAW, and a little DOD:S. I then joined FWF to play RSV, but we all know what happened there. So, me and the rest of the guys in FWF are keeping an eye on this game with high hopes. Keep up the good work.
  6. There is alot we could add to it, cant post much when at work.
  7. It would be cool to make the intro from the terrorist?s view. No music, you in first person view chatting it up with your bad guy friends, guarding a hostage or bomb. Lights go out; you hear the sound of suppressed fire from the shadows as your comrades fall around you. You raise your weapon and shoot wildly into the woods. Running out of ammo (click, click, click), you hear something to your right; see the outline of a soldier with night vision goggles.....gun on you. You twitch and then your lights out. Play music, logo pops up........and done. I think it would be cool to see the intro from the other side.
  8. National Operational Recon Group ? NORG
  9. I like this idea, but the options dont have to be many. You should be able to change what kind of armor you are wearing which will effecting speed/how many shots you can take (like RSV). Also, it would be nice to see different hats, glasses, and masks with the option of changing skin color, hair color, and face hair style. Thats it, keep the camo and color of the uniforms the same. Then, you wouldnt have to make two different guys, depending on which side you are on, everything on your guy will just change color (if that can be done).
  10. I think the "money" should go somewhere else then. I'll have fun killing the bad guy if his death looks like crap or not.
  11. Take a look at some of the ArmA pics, looks like a very good way of doing it.
  12. Never was a big deal for me, but cool for matches.
  13. I think you should not be able to see your own death. There should be effects when you get shot, and then when you die, your screen should just black out. As for when others see you die, they should use a ragdoll that is very tame (I cant think of a better word). I do not want to see somebody's body fly back after getting shot, I want to see them fall back or to their side using ragdoll. When hit by a nad, they should fly back a foot or two, but not up in the air.
  14. accountable strength Or just make up for NATO SF name like: Shadow Force NATO
  15. Death from the Shadows Shadow Force