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  1. Jumping or not jumping

    Ahh, see, that is the problem. I am not a Master Chief, just a simple Senior Chief. Maybe with the next promotion I will get the "Super Suit" and grow some more and be able to jump like a jack ass in a Nano suit! ha ha
  2. Jumping or not jumping

    Agreed, and I think that there is a consensus on this. One needs to be able to jump over some obstacles. In the real world, I have been out on a mission and have had to jump across open ditches and other similiar objects. So I think it is realistic to jump across things. However, I would be hard pressed to be able to jump up or over something. That is where clmbering or buddy assists would be more appropriate. This is my perspective.
  3. Jumping or not jumping

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I posted. I have been kind of busy over here. But alas, my time here is growing short. So I thought I would check in and give some observations at the same time. I wanted to add a little more real world perspective to this topic. I guess you could include movement in general as well. Yester day one of the Security Escort Teams (SET's) I work with did a two mile run with kit. I wrote a post over at TGP about it and it got me to thinking about this topic again. Here is the link to my post at TGP if you care to read, it is kind of lengthy so be warned A Kick in the Nutts The kit we wore consisted of: Body Armor including front and rear trauma plates (12 lbs each) Kevlar helmet 210 rounds of 5.56 (7 mags) 45 rounds of 9mm (3 mags) Med Kit Radio M-4 rifle 9mm side arm Total Weight: 45 pounds The run was more like a shuffle. My time was 22'35 and at the end I was spent for a good 10 minutes or so. My observations from my experience takes me down the road of realistic movements. In fairness to realism, I think that sprinting should not be an unlimited ability (I don't think it is if I recall). At the end if my run if I were required to engage a target accurately I think I would find it a challenge to sight in and deliver a accurate shot. I have done shoot and move drills in the past and over short distances, 10-30 yards, I remain fairly accurate engageing close in (25 yds) targets. Longer range targets will see my accuracy drop. Back to the 2 miles, I think that if you do a sustained run in game, you should pay the price with degraded accuracy, barrel sway, shakey hands. Another thing that came to mind: In the real worrld on the battle field, if a teammate goes down, we supress the enemy and go get our guy. You might grab him by the drag handle on his body armor. Or if there are two of you, you might haul him out by the arms and legs. My question is: are there plans to be able to retieve your buddy in this manner, or are you going to go up and administer unrealistic care and revive them in the same place they went down? I think that is it for now, I just want to say that from my point of view, I really would like jumping to be at a very minimum but give the player the ability to climb and or haul them selves over low obstacles. Runnining should be for short duration only and at a cost. I think that covers it. Attaced is a picture of me and a couple of the boys about 15 minutes post self-inflicted pain session. I am the navy guy in Army ACU's in the middle with the red bean! Cheers, Joe
  4. Checking In

    what's up? Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I am about at the half way point here in wonderful Iraq. When I return this March, I will be reporting to USS FARRAGUT, DDG 99 in Mayport, Fl. It is exciting to be going to a new ship (commisioned about 2 years) for a change. But first things first. I have a few months to go here and I hope that things continue to stay quiet. I am a little worried about the SOFA kicking in on the first and how it might effect things. But we have a good working relationship with the Iraqi Army and Security Forces, so I am hopeful that things will stay calm. Attached is a photo from a mission I just got back from. We took an Engineer and ConRep to see some water compact units out in town. It was a nice quiet day and we got a group photo in after we got done clearing our weapons. Keep in mind that the Engineer and conRep are Corps Of Engineer Civilians who volluntered to come over. They risk a lot to do a good thing. I will sign off now. Take care all, Joe
  5. Remembrance Day

    It is shame on google because they dressed up all the other pages, but not Canada.
  6. Remembrance Day

    Over at The Gamer Planet (TGP) HSantal pointed out that Google failed to dress up the Google Canada page for Veteran's day.[/url] People have a bad habit of thinking that America is the only nation to commemorate Veterans Day. I just wanted to give a thank you to all in the Commonwealth on this Rememberance Day. thanks for your service and sacrifice. Wear your Poppy with pride. Long may we stand together!
  7. A Soldier Died Today

    That's a great poem. Thanks! Cheers, Joe
  8. Pistol Shoot

    Thanks, I appreciate it
  9. Pistol Shoot

    No my friend, I am not a Doc. My job in the Navy is Senior Chief Sonar Tech. I like thousands of my brother and sister Sailors am filling and Individual Augmentee billet here in Iraq. What is a Sonar Tech doing with the Army? I am the Operations NCOIC with the Army Corps of Engineers here in southern Iraq. I along with my Ops Officer plan, coordinate and execute all construction/reconsturction operational taskings in our AO. I work with Intel types, Security Escort Teams, Army personnel and civilian Corps employees. It is a busy, diversified and fun job. I get to do a little of everything. Hope this sheds some light onthe subject. Cheers, Joe
  10. Pistol Shoot

    Yep, small world to be sure.
  11. Pistol Shoot

    And which stance do you prefer. Let me guess the old weaver or modified weaver standing side ways at the target? that is kind of hard to pull off in full kit. I like my stance, it keeps your armor facing square at the threat you are engaging, since your sides are the most vulnerable. And breaking your upper and lower body up into isosceles triangle(arms and legs) if you will, allows for better forward and lateral movement whilie still being able to hold your weapon steady at the target. This stance also works well when using natural point of aim in reflex shoot situations. It is what we generally teach today. And I usually score expert everytime, including stress shooting. It doesn't have to look flashy, it just has to work. but each to his own. Of course, this way works best.....................................
  12. Pistol Shoot

    Went and shot the 9mm the other day. Here a few for you guys: From 5 yards you could almost throw your piece at the target. Ha ha! Hi Mom....................... Female soldier with "The Coach" From 25 yards. In this picture I was giving our CO a hard time about the "Navy guy" shooting better than his Army Engineers.
  13. Checking In From Iraq

    No worries on the Pictures considering it was a mission to escort journalists. give them a week and they will be selling there story to any print media that will run it. And we never take photos with out first clearing it. but good looking out mate! Cheers, Joe
  14. Checking In From Iraq

  15. Checking In From Iraq

    Wanted to check in and let you guys know all is well. Yesterday I went on an escort mission to the the marshland in Chabaish. Some journalists were doing a story on the marsh Arabs. After gulf war I, Sadam drained the marshes and displaced the locals. The Mahdiarmy is supposed to be in this area so we hooked up with an Iraqi unit. I found them to be very motivated and they seemed to be happy to be operating with us. It has been raining a lot the past week so it was rather muddy. And there were a lot of cattle so add pee and poo to the mud and you get a rather nasty mess. Here are some pictures for you guys. Oh and H, yep same ones as on TGP :-) The drive down The Marshland. And IA soldier pulling security. A Public Affairs Officer winning the war one stuffed animal at a time Look at that guy.... Hooh Yaah Navy Senior Chief! One of the boys on the PSD I work with, and a Public Affairs Officer Last time was a camel, this time a Cow