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  1. after reading so many posts about the good ol days of rainbow six, i dusted off my rogue spear cds, but couldnt get them to run in windows xp. help :'(
  2. Teammates Personalitys And Backgrounds

    i agree with krise madsen totally on this. but i do hope that if and when you fine folks here at blackfoot studios decide to have an asian character in the game; please dont have him/her speak english with a messed-up accent. what i mean by that is this, dont have a korean speaking english with a japanese accent. yes, there is a difference. just like people from australia will speak english differently from folks from the united states. i am of asian descent and i grew up in canada, so i dont speak english with any asian accent at all. my point is, if youre gonna have an asian character in the game; please make them non-stereoptypical. that would be great.