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  1. Sorry to hear that Kris, My condolences to you and your family from me and my family.
  2. go water cooled, loaded up max 85 degrees, im using a corsair h100i from memory, getting old now but works very well, very little fan noise and running stock fans that came with unit only difference is i have fans pulling air from inside case over radiator instead of outside air as that would blow hot air into case
  3. Correct about thermal paste. Can you post a pic of cpu fan coz you can sometimes remove fan without removing heatsink
  4. Someone living in states able to send package to me NO its not drugs im wanting to get some tools off ebay at good price but they will not ship to New zealand can anyone send for me and i will pay freight cheers
  5. try restore pc before anniversary update
  6. silly question. Is diablo installed on different hdd than windows hdd? another thing you could try if you have old HDD laying around, install windows on that one after unpluging your current one that OS is installed on, just thinking of easy test to see if HDD is at fault,
  7. hope you used very low pressure compressed air, i have seen where people have used 90 psi to clean pc and have blowen chips, broken things on mobo, if you can use digital voltage meter and its got record feature test psu outputs, keep it recording till it reboots and check the recorded results. i did have psu that had faulty cap and pc would reboot.
  8. YIP,ladder as there always should have been, and can walk around tower too
  9. How about a mission map with both image upload terrain needs lots of work but all buildings are made, few extra bits added but they are for people to find
  10. Kris, find chair with less recline or put a block of wood in it to stop it going back so far
  11. but still make a sound, having textures and mesh's with walking surface properties should fix floating nodes and leave foot prints, eg snow, mud, dust etc. I remember in Rogue spear in snow maps id follow foot prints to track a player down, until they would disappear
  12. Not sure if it would work but issue with nodes up trees could you make it hard coded that nodes only get placed where you can walk, not sure if in UE4 ed but in other un real and raven shield you could put properties to a texture that had walking sounds, I'd assume every one making a map would have/ want foot steps sounds. just a thought
  13. have you got per poly collision working? yip dam site easier than making collision hulls :-)
  14. lol hope at 9:05 same doesnt happen in GB
  15. you shouldn't have any issues re-sizing coz the uvw scales with mesh