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  1. Infiltration mod theme tune

    Oh wow ... This brings back some memories... Hi there Zeep. Yes please :-)
  2. Happy birthday Psychomorph!

    Who 27 about a minute ago! Happy birthday! Hope you get GB as a present for your next one!
  3. Crosshairs or Ironsights?

    ... It's NORG ...
  4. Health System [Medics?]

    In some games you have a medic apply a bandage in 30 seconds and you're good to go ... seriously, If you're shot, there is no "quick fix", it's ugly, bloody, and messy. This, of course, shouldn't mean that there shouldn't be any medics, immersion is very important, if a teammate gets shots I want to do everything I can to save him/her. It doesn't matter if he will be able to actually play, what's important is that he lives, a mission isn't completed when a target is blown up (or whatever), it's completed when the target blown up AND all teammates make it out ALIVE.
  5. Crosshairs or Ironsights?

    I can't believe the word crosshair is even being used on these forums at all, it's unrealistic and ugly. Using "Zoom ironsights" like OFP is probably even worse ... 2D textures glued to the players face are also very unrealistic, there's no situational awareness at all. I rather like Infiltration's iron sights, it has freeaim, but not to much freeaim, and it allows a realistic situational awareness ... But I'm sure this has already been mentioned in one of the 17 pages .... :-/
  6. Warning Labels

    You mean you found a site with these warnings and shamelessly plagiarized it.
  7. Duel Graphic API choice [Windows]

    Sorry for the OT stuff ... But all these "Linuxcentrism" is not only really annoying but also just as false as Geocentrism was. Only 0.5% of the desktop systems are running GNU/Linux, MacOS has about 7% and Windows 90%, see: And even more intresting is ... Which shows that there is *very* little growth in GNU/Linux desktops. So they would be 'insulting' a *small* minority, given the fact that porting and maintaining an application to GNU/Linux can be a timeconsuming (And thus expensive). If Blackfoot wants to support GNU/Linux then that would be great, but I really can't blame Blackfoot (or anyone else) for not doing so. Yes, GNU/Linux fanboys have been screaming this for years ... it's *going* to be very popular ... everyone is *going* to run this .... It's unlikly to happen for several reasons. Most of these reasons are really because of GNU/Linux OS, *NOT* because of the "evil" Microsoft. The chart above shows that MacOS has grown a lot more in the past two years(MUCH more than GNU/Linux), if you count in the fact that MacOS only runs on hyper-expensive Apple hardware then this is quite a feat IMO. See this post I made a few months ago:;postcount=9 Proof ... Benchmarks...? Oh wait, there are none and you're just pulling this out of ass ... The reason is because there are so few good games for GNU/Linux, and only a handfull of 3D games. Most (if not all) of the open-source games just plain suck, the lack of a proper open-source 3D engine is one of the main reasons for this. Windows users on the other hand, have a zillion-and-one games to choose from. So this explains why ET has such a high percentage of GNU/Linux users...
  8. What weapons do you own?

    Do razorsharp wits and dangerous good looks count?
  9. Which series do we like to watch?

    I've been watching The twilight zone ... It's pretty good stuff ...
  10. Come out you Trekkies!

    Whatever it will be, it will be better then the last movie, watching that one was just as much fun then getting gangraped by a group of male Klingons.