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  1. Please, NO RANKINGS!

    Personally I preferred the after-action stats on GR. Most notably the accuracy%. We, as a team used to try to get the highest % to show we were actually taking aimed shots and not just "spray and pray". We never posted these stats on our website or anything, just a bit of friendly competition between clan members. Obviously our SAW guy wasn't expected to get 100% accuracy As for the BF2, COD4 type rankings... most definately not. As said sooo many times before in this thread; it just promotes selfish playing with no regards to teamwork or mission success. Remember the stat padding videos on youtube? Pathetic.
  2. Anti Cheat

    I echo the request for replays. We used this on several occaisions to prove and report cheats in GR. Unfortunately it was not implemented in the GRAW series as UBI/GRIN said it was too graphically intensive to record. Fair point, but could a system not be designed where it reduces the LOD whilst recording? Or make use of reduced textures and of course elliminate any effects. So in essence all that is recorded is a low poly, untextured representation of the game. ?
  3. Object Modeling Contest

    I may give this a go. Been a few months since I did any work with 3ds max so I'm a bit rusty. Also, most of the work I do is high-poly so this project will be a learning curve for me. Unfortunately I'm not that good with texturing so I may just work on the model. Good luck to those that enter. Regards, Garry