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  1. Dirt Rally

    Hi all, I had a quick look through and noticed this hasn't been posted on here despite all the other Dirts seem to have! Anyway, it's awesome, I made a fan vid but had some issues with the resolution so it aint really HD and I can't do anything about it atm, still I think you can still get a good idea from it so take a look Oh I also robbed the Ghost Recon Wildlands tune, it seemed appropriate
  2. Article on the UE4 game which has just released mod tools, presume GB will work in the same way:
  3. Grumpy AI guy is grumpy!

    I think it is important they do act on it if they have 'seen' someone for say over a second then they should investigate it some may think 'was that nothing? I'll just go and have another look/investigate it' others may think 'that didn't look right, GUYS - stuff stuff stuff'. Less than a second maybe either they ignore it / or the two other options mentioned above depending on a particular statistic (if you can do that, think you mentioned something like that....maybe!)
  4. I'd say definitely yes, I'm waiting to get my new pc with Win 10, the performance boost (not that your monster will need it) sound awesome with DX12 (which no doubt is/will be win10 exclusive) spreading the load across all cores rather than only really using one.
  5. AI Work In Progress Video #2

    I'll send my "godlike" aiming across to you.............what's that you say, lost in the post
  6. AI Work In Progress Video #2

    Good stuff Zoomba. Could we leave this ai accuracy setting in the final build for me to select when I want to feel awesome Maybe we could raise some additional funds for the project by allowing people to place bets on the ai in these battles
  7. Quick AI work-in-progress intro video

    So that's what you are doing when you are not in the office
  8. Quick AI work-in-progress intro video

    Hey, nice vid, though I would like some more organisation of those blueprints When you add the cover elements to the edge of the nav mesh will it have a direction in some way so the AI would realise, well yes it is good cover but the player has LoS on it or will it just check if the cover is between the AI and the player so it knows it is hidden? - sure i could have explained that better! Could the community get involved maybe with: Discussion on perception distances - are these dynamic btw, so they reduce (say for sound) in thick foliage or for sight if there was dense fog or if smoke or a flashbang have gone off? Potential Decision trees Potential Actions I realise we may not know the official terminology within UE4 but if people suggest trees and actions and you could translate it into what it would need to be in UE4. Unless you already have a solid idea of what trees/actions you will be using. Good stuff
  9. Texture artist

    Hey, not sure if you will be able to get what you want but Gametextures do a free 14 day trial, if you sign up on the 'Freelancer' payment method you get to DL upto 200 textures (they have PBR ones too) and then cancel the subscription before you get billed.
  10. Whats the best tactical AI you've seen?

    That's me, don't tell anyone
  11. For those of you who mentioned Strike at Karkand: hopefully I can get time to carry on with this.
  12. (Very) Early days

    Its based on Strike at Karkand
  13. I know recoil has been mentioned but not sure if it this specifically but crouching increases the recoil compared to standing, thats incorrect right? Full auto will recoil to a point and then (at least animation wise) seems to stop at a certain point. Strafing right (with mp5 at least) while firing means the shell case goes left and clips through the weapon When changing fire rates sometimes when you switch back to single shot the first shot does not fire instantly there seems to be some kind of delay. Otherwise awesome, about to order OE
  14. Things are moving along

    From my experience and apologies this is a little off topic but the gun play and weapons are much better than 4 (and now come with an FPS option) the driving is less bouncy/rubbery than 4, the SP is more appealing , what is not to love. Also much more MP / co-op content as well as progression...........WHERE'S THE VAN!!