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  1. Questions on latest public build

    Thanks for the info! I realize it's still a work in progress, but we finally have something and it's great to see Black Foot's dedication. Also, maybe just a quick fix for TH would be to spawn the player in a random area as they work out how they are going to spawn the AI randomly.
  2. Hello Ground Branch World!!!! Before I ask my questions I'd like to give a little background since it's been a while since I've posted. So..... I've been following ground branch from the very start. When the site was different and John Sonedecker was giving updates on all the work that was done and it was early enough that they didn't even have much developers. The original ghost recon was my favorite game of all time in the history of the universe. So, naturally for years I would frequent this site. Then life happened, job, moving, relationship, etc.... and I totally lost track of following the progress of ground branch. I happen to be a software developer, mostly business stuff, web sites, databases not games. I was bored one day and it hit me, "Oh damn lets go check out ground branch!". Sure enough the site looks different and there was playable version which was huge progress and I'm pleased with what you guys have done. It's going to be an awesome sum of effort when it's released. I of course purchased the early access and been playing non stop. It's the OGR all over again just better. Enter my questions.... 1) Are there only 2 server because it's an early version. One being terrorist hunt; The other being versus? I always try to play and when I go to multiplayer i see only 2 servers and no one is ever in them. 2) Sorry if it said this during purchase, but I was so excited to play I just said ftw and hit every submit button possible without reading. If a new release/build is pushed out will the game update to that or do we have to purchase the new version? 3) Terrorist hunt: Is there any way to randomize the location of the OpFor? After a while it's like well I know there gonna be here and the whole element of surprise is taken out of the game. 4) If there are any LAN ( I see it as an option in multiplayer) games going on or teams that are playing on private server I'd love to join in. How do we go about setting up a session? John Sonedecker, wonderful job. You stayed committed from the kickstarter to a point where it looked like the project would never take off. Now this!!! Thanks for bringing the best kind of gaming back!
  3. Special Operations Tactics in Tactical Games

    ??? Are you serious? Maybe since GRAW and VEGAS but by no means at all is the orignal Ghost Recon and RS series up to RvS a Burst in, guns a blazing. There was many times where you got into the building set up position, used silenced weapons or just shot one enemy then moved position etc... And GR, you would set up your teams in different positions and have them attack at once or have snipers shoot from a distance then have a team move. Not just busting in and guns blazing. I mean at one point you will have to fire and if you don't kill the enemy with the first shot it will be a fire fight. To me Bursting in gunz a blazing is like COD mondern warfare, World at War, Soldier of Fortune, SOCOM etc....
  4. The most important things

    The forums must be coming to a slow hault if this is still being talked about. Rediculous! I mean in all honesty though how manyt things can you keep coming up with before there is nothing to talk about any more and with barely any updates blah, I pretty much forgot about this game. By the time it comes out the graphics will be outdated and it will just be a 25 dollar game most likely. Have fun waiting for nothing. I dont even think it will matter if you have your cover system or not. I wouldnt be suprised if this game gets scrapped.
  5. The most important things

    Why would a fat guy be in Ground Branch? An elite obese fighting soldier who is contracted out by the secret arm of the C.O.U.C.H. LOL they would have to have 2 helicopters just for him to get extracted.
  6. Freedom of choice

    Is this about Black Foot Studios next game? Gang Branch?
  7. Kill confirmation

    Yeah I can agree with that. I definately think they should show the person who got killed, who actually killed the player. That is a must in my eyes. A death notice after dying by who would be sufficient enough for me.
  8. sniping?

    Agreed!! Fatigue should eventually set in after jumping several times after running with all the equipment and gear(extra weight) you wear.
  9. Dead body disposal

    Yeah well in real life there isn't respawn and apparently there is in GB. Personally I thought it was going to be like RvS as if you die that round then your out till the next round and the map plays a few rounds. I don't see why there would be no kill notification, but respawn. Then people are gonna say in real life there would be no kill notification. Well guess what....in real life there isn't any respawn. Priority wise my concern is with respawns more than kill notification if you want to play the realism card. I guess it is an option, but NORG...I dont think respawn should be in the game at all.
  10. Dead body disposal

    Lets be real here, yes the game is based off of realism. However, at the end of the day it is what it is, and that's a game. You don't expect there to be kill notification? Hardly seems reasonable. You mean to tell me there isn't going to be a button to hit to show who is in game and there status of being dead or not or what team they are on? Secondly there doesn't have to be a feign death in the game in order to actually pull this off if dead bodies are laying around on the ground. Yes it does work, i've seen it work many of times. Maybe not while your actually in a fire fight that you go down and you look like you died. Rather, you can blend in with dead bodies that are currently on the floor be over looked and regain the drop on your enemy. I wouldn't recommend doing this all the time, but it does work when used correctly. That's why the original topic was about dead bodies not feigning death.
  11. Dead body disposal

    Yeah, but wouldn't the player know right away as soon as someone was shot at? It looks like the soldier died but nothing came up saying who killed who. Then you would either just keep shooting until death really does occur or just rush up and shoot at point blank. I dont think feign death would be to practical in multiplayer, maybe for campaign mode.
  12. Dead body disposal

    Is there going to be a way in Campaign mode or even in Multiplayer to get rid of dead bodies? Say you kill someone on a route that will be passed by another soldier eventually. Will the AI recognize the dead body and if so will we be able to move/hide the body nearby in a bush or ditch to maintain your stealth element? I would think this would be more practical in Singleplayer but it can be utilized in multiplayer to warn off any enemy that a straggler has be taken out and a presence of unknown amount of soldiers is near by. Also I hope there is no option to be able to turn off dead bodies. It ruined some realism in RvS. You would be able to lay down with a nade in your hand and look like a dead body let the enemy go by and be able to sneak up behind. Once everyone started turning dead bodies off it was lame. Umm.... 10 people just got shot but this place is clean as a whislte. I know there has been another topic similar to this, but there was no straight answer. So I'm just wondering if a decision has been made.
  13. Animations and the AI

    I don't think the AI should turn around just because you moved in some kind of 'range' that makes you in the open. If the enemy AI has its back towards you and you want to sneak up or move past you should be able to. The only way the AI should turn around quickly and start firing is if you make a loud or out of place noise. Also, as soon as the AI turns around the first shot should not be a head shot or kill shot ALL the time. Maybe once in a while because luck does strike every so often. Realistically speaking if you turn around and shoot at a random target it will take longer for you to find the target then zero in on it then it will for the enemy to be like oh crap and shoot you. If I was patroling and heard some strange noise like a team was behind me I would actually try go get to the nearest cover then determine my next move rather than turning around blindly and hoping where I fire kills the enemy.
  14. A "new", hybrid gametype

    It has team objectives in it and it has team elimination. So how about Team objective & elimination? or Just Team objective?
  15. Grenades

    We should get beppo on here 2 read this, then see what he thinks and let him come up with some schematics. See if everyone can work off of that and then let everyone critique it like we know they will.