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  1. Insurgency Sandstorm

    Man, you must be a real treat to live with.
  2. Mordhau

    Oh man, Chivalry was just amazing. Especially when extremely intoxicated. I just hope the community for this game is just as good. I don't pay into Kickstarters but had I known about this before it was funded I would have 100% pledged.
  3. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    @213's point? #saltygamer So basically the name is all that annoys you... Why not just disassociate the name with the game and then you won't have this issue? As @Scopey already mentioned they paid for the name and they use it to make money. Also, as @NYR_32 mentioned it's been 16 years since OGR. The "Tom Clancy" label has represented the current type/style of games that Ubi produces for a lot longer than the type/style it represented 16 years ago.
  4. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    There most certainly was/is. It begins with money and ends with money. Even the cornered niche market for tactical games/sims is far too small to target. At least for AAA publishers/developers. Why waste resources on a team that could make a product that generates a few million when they could spend it on making a product that generates hundreds of millions? I don't like it, but I've accepted it.
  5. National Day of Unplugging

    Sadly not. I don't use social media either but it's my main communication tool. Never mind how bored I would be while defecating.
  6. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    Jeeeeesus someone else actually gets it. Game looks like a lot of coop fun. Sure if you don't wish to partake in some of the elements of the game you can simply not use them. But Ubi isn't trying to make ARMA (whatever number we're at that I hardly played cause of bad AI and/or dread of playing a walking simulator), or Hidden & Dangerous 3 or even a proper Ghost Recon 2. I'm going to assume there is likely a sales figure attached to that decision. 16 years, €561.8 million annually (give or take a few tens of millions) later... The strategy is working. Vote with your wallet. Happy Capitalism. Make gaming great again.
  7. Name one thing (not people) you hate.

    Been sitting around the 0*C mark here in Kitchener Ontario for the past week and raining. So you know what happens when it dips below 0. The neighbour next to me parks his car across the bottom of his driveway so his girlfriend can get out in the morning without moving it but the other morning around 3:30 am our neighbour across the street came out of his driveway not realising how icy it was an T-boned his car. Good thing I didn't leave my car on the street like I was going to.
  8. Alien: Covenant

    LOL, Danny McBride. I suppose there is little scarier than a mullet perm. I'll still watch it though.
  9. Titanfall 2

    This game looks really fun. I don't know why I couldn't get into the first Titanfall. I mean, that game would make me /ragequit a lot so that could be it. Sort of like BF1 does now with hardcore.
  10. Star Citizen

    Man that just sounds like living a second life. Going to a second job. Buying a second 'everything' that I don't need. It's just so fornicating pretty.
  11. The Mummy

    It's no wonder I haven't been to the movies in years...
  12. Project Reality 1 standalone

    I never played PR but for BF2 in general the cone fire mechanism was by in large my biggest gripe about that game.
  13. PC keeps rebooting

    If it turns out to be the PSU it's super easy to change. If you can use a screw driver and are able to plug in a toaster you'll be able to switch the PSU. But try the above as well to see if it's the memory. You can even try searching for Parkdale to test your SSD to see if the storage device is cutting out. Not sure what generation your SSD is by my first gen OCZ had some issues where it would just restart.
  14. PC keeps rebooting

    Most search results point in the PSU direction so I would try that first. That's one of the cheapest things to change if it's faulty hardware. As for not being all that comfortable with taking stuff out I wouldn't worry too much. Computers are a lot more durable than people portray. I mean don't use a hammer but if you're not forcing it you're damaging it. As for a thorough volt by volt, ohm by ohm diagnostic, I'm not sure how to help there. You'd need a real technician for that. I just go straight to swapping parts but I suppose I always have all the extra parts laying around from previous machines just in case something starts acting up. The change from AMI to Gigabyte BIOS screen sounds odd unless you flashed your BIOS with a newer version.