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  1. Ground Branch Kickstarter Survey

    Geeze Colin where have you been hiding there are not many of us about anymore. I filled in the rest of the survey as if i were to buy/back the game. I will try and keep an open mind. JJ
  2. Ground Branch Kickstarter Survey

    Hey guys, we at TuG were looking at you guys way back. I received your survey but i didnt think it was aimed at gamers like me and my online friends The first question really only allowed me to answer NO, where if put differently may have been a yes. I think gamers like me (older gamers) have been waiting so long for a good game that we have moved on or got used to the rubbish out there, to wait for another game that may or may not be what i want or would like to see is a difficult decision. Sorry to sound so negative guys. WE are all still waiting for "THAT" game, im not sure it will ever come. Good luck. JJ
  3. if this game has running like in cod4 then many will soon loose interest as it would end up like all other run and gun games plz do not mention that game in here gr/graw had great gameplay just poor content thats all oh and a few bugs but you need to practice to be good in cod you dont.

    The problem with you Sp and Co-op guys is that you dont give the MP side a chance yes Public servers are full of run and gun but the right game in matches is completly different, it can be as stealth as you like with the teamplay coming out tops you cant beat it Gr had it and so did Graw 1, Graw 2 destroyed the little community following it had but you cant beat it. The problem is that you first need to perect those skills and playing in public servers is where you get your sharpness, i know you guys dont like MP but most the time its because you are getting killed all to often and then get peed off if you just give it a little more time and jumped on as a team its much more fun i promise you
  5. Between round: What kind of info?

    Will there be the chance to say what a gg it was at the end of the round/game?
  6. so its there fault then Mik just kidding mate, hopefully that will not happen here.
  7. The beta should be for known players in the community that can give the correct feedback not all the moaning guys that normally do it. I for one should be top of the list colin knows i do not moan
  8. Graphical Advantage?

    You have plenty of time to save or upgrade your Pc s ready for this game and any other newer games that will be released later in this year, it doesnt cost much at all now to get a very good gaming rig, it has and always will be the better the pc spec the better FPS and graphics but it doesnt mean that player will be any better than someone with a lower end spec machine and while pc are around it will always be this way. I have a hign end comp and cod 4 runs poorly on it, like most games you will have to tweak it.
  9. Hey i was just reading this and thought nice then wow all of a sudden it takes a trip way off topic, plz lets get to the answer needed re the Pam setup as i have played in some of the COD4 matches and it does seem user freindly and of course might be a good idea or not to implement it. I think it is a mod thought not an in game feature, someone built it after the game was released.
  10. Its a known fact that Cod series and games similar will give you motoin sickness, some will be seeing it more than others and some will not have it at all, games like Gr are normally to slow paced for you to feel the same effects.
  11. Well have you guys thought about advertising at lan partys setting up a stall and seeing what interest you get, i know they are more appealing to the fast paced games but we at TuG have just come back from i33 and it was a blast and the next one will be even bigger. Your set up can be small, merchandise to offer could be a foot tread sticker for the side of my tower , you then could join in the fun. http://i33.multiplay.co.uk/ http://www.tugteam.com/gallery/browseimages.php?c=15 http://i34.multiplay.co.uk/ heres where the next one is quite impressive
  12. [Will GB be like] Rogue Spear

    Lol never played it, just pure Gr and started that on 56k i brought rvs but its still in its shinny box never seen a comp
  13. Wow i didnt mean for this thread to get hyjacked into how some people leave there xfire on and game running so it looks like have been playing that game for ever Im not looking for another Gr, just a game that has gameplay similar to it, it called be called ghdsfgdh as long as the it meets my gaming needs. Thanks all for the replys
  14. Hey all, As the title to the thread says i am worried this game is going to be more a modders and co-op delight and i suppose to a few thats a good thing but not to me or people i game with, or i guess the whole gr community, dont get me wrong i think modding for you guys and co-op is important for the survival of any game including this one but the core is multiplayer gameplay, what reasurances do us MP players have that it will forefill our needs like the original Gr. i dont want Arma mp gameplay i dont want cod mp gameplay i dont want crysis mp gameplay the list goes on Graw 1 was good Gameplay wise as in the movement of the player and shooting of the weapons the feels was good. i think i am a good judge when it comes to gameplay, i just hope this will be that game. Im thinking positive when i here of this game and this is not a negative post guys so plz dont think it is. .TuG.JJUK

    Well thanks all just what i wanted to here i heard we have only a month to wait