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  1. Why games are hard to make

    Put up or shut up! , thats all i have to say for ground branch after 10 years of following full of hopes for a good tactical it looked like.
  2. The YouTube Thread

  3. Problem with original Rogue Spear Disk

    WhiteKnight77 , why did you delete the link? anything wrong with it? I mean, they are linked at voobly. Didnt know they link piracy sites.
  4. Problem with original Rogue Spear Disk

    the site is ok, voobly linked them. Just go to voobly
  5. Problem with original Rogue Spear Disk

    You want to play RS, go There is also a link for WIN10 help. Deleted link... I am suprised you didnt know.. ^^
  6. sorry, but i am just waiting too long for this game. Yes of course i dont want it to be a "TAKEDOWN" and i must admit it really looks great. but there are situations where it seems that Ground Branch is the biggest easter eggof upcomming games in the internet.. everyone is talking about it and waiting to start playing it but nothing really happens. ppl talking about gamemodes they would like to have . I mean , why not playing it in Siege mode ( pvp) in first instance. Well, might just be my opinon , and i wish everyone all the best, especially the producers, but after a long time of waiting and hoping you lose your interest and it feels a little disappointed that it takes so long for the game to get public. still, i know life is a ###### sometime and other things are more impotant than developing a game. dont takes this personal @ BlackFoot.
  7. Will Ground Branch.. "ever" reach steam sale.. you mean !!!
  8. Any Rumors?

    i know that i can play the "ground branch editor" ....and i did,, i can also jump on the ceeling in the waiting room,,did that too.. but thats not really i want. i like to see at least a few playing. with my question i was just asking if there will be a big progress with the game in the near future and was hoping someone is confirming it.
  9. Any Rumors?

    There are rumors that we are all going to be able to play and see more players the short future???????
  10. ordered 4 keys

    ty, yes it works fine. Just some very first expression i had, the leaning(peeking) could be some more degrees ., so i really feel like i am peeking. ( you remember of course RS.RS ). and maybe my char goes back into straight position , not that i have to push peeking again to go back. hope you got me, my english sux this morning, need a coffee grettings
  11. ordered 4 keys

    yo, nice nice, i bought 4 keys. i have received a e mail with : You can download your digital products from ........ and when i clicked on the link i was direkted into the forum. I of course thought ,, ######, try again. Well end of story 0 download anymore and the access is denied. How do i get the file, i still hve the 4 keys so this isnt really a problem, can someone pls help how i can download my file? never mind , my vault, it works over steam
  12. Guys, i really dont want to annoy, but i cant await to have and play this game . Can you pls give me a time when i can expect to download it on steam? month would be ok. Patients was then..unpatients is now !!! "Kreuzigt die Ungeduld" aber... EGAL!!
  13. The YouTube Thread

  14. When will it be released?

  15. well , game looks awesome, gameplay looks like lots of exciting years.....but one thing really convinced me. Pepperbelly: "Its gonna be the best tactical shooter the history of this planet"